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Whats your ISP?


Whos your internet service provider?  

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  1. 1. Whos your internet service provider?

    • AOL
    • BTOpenworld
    • Freeserve
    • NTL
    • Tiscali
    • Other (please state)

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£19.99 a month for 20gig limit plus unlimited between 1am-6am

also its 8mb and i usually get downloads of 400-600 rare to get full speed but i think thats more of the interent? microsoft site seems always to be full speed tho...

also i've never had trouble, but there has been more issues for a lot of people since pipex took over :( last year 98% of its members recommened it to others, this year since the pipex took over we had an email from freeomd2surf themselves! saying only 34% of customers are happy with them, even tho they going down hill i love the honesty!:P

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THink I replied here once before in the past but...

Using Embark right now. The service is not bad at all but as of late they've been annoying the living heck out of me. Every 24-hours your 'preferences' are reset it seems. So most legit sites (and all 404's) get redirected to embarks 'web search' by their DNS and even AFTER setting the preferences to 'disable redirection service' it still redirects me for a good hour afterward! >_<

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