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[release] Windows Server 2003 - XP Conversion Pack

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As many guys know that Windows Server 2003 uses the newer kernel which is faster, more stable and has better memory management. Despite the fact it's made for server purposes, some claimed it's optimized for workstation purposes very well in SP1. So I gave it a try for workstation conversion and it was really a worth try. Then I decided to make conversion tool that turn Windows Server 2003 to completely Windows XP. This works on both Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2003 R2 and it's highly recommended to install Service Pack 1 before apply the conversion. Let's see why should we switch from XP to 2003 as XP from OSNews' article here.


Windows Server 2003/Windows XP conversion (Retail or cracked winlogon.exe only)

Server security configuration

|-Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration

|-Shutdown Event Tracker

|-Error reporting

|-Ctrl+Alt+Del requirement on startup

|-Drive auto-mounting

Features configuration

|-Manage Your Server logon window

|-Processor scheduling

|-Windows Update


|-Start Menu items (You have to create new Administrator account)

Services configuration



|-Windows Image Acquisition (WIA)

|-Multimedia support and DirectX acceleration

|-Visual effects

XP missing stuffs configuration

|-User accounts in Control Panel

|-Classic games

|-3-D arcade pinball game

|-System Restore

|-Shell services (logon, fast user switching, progress dialog ,user picture, etc.).


1. It can apply Windows XP conversion as close as Windows XP Professional x64 Edition SP1

2. It can undo conversion back to original (You can choose to remove some or all)

3. It can convert Windows Server 2003 CD to Windows XP CD (Not real, though)

Get Windows Server 2003 - XP Conversion Pack



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what does 2k3 do that windows xp wouldn't for a gamer. other than use more memory.
It forces you to buy new & faster hardware, thus making games more exiting :rolleyes:

Seriously, what means "cracked" winlogon ? what's the matter with the original one ?

Is there any hope for those who don't have/want SP1 ?

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a friend of mine which isnt very knowledgebale about computers but knows his way around MAYA,and other graphical intense programs which I cant remember right now.

Anyways, he constantly complains that WinXP just can't handle it.

If he were to install W2k3 and apply your patch would it be better then using WinXP

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umm.....how should I explain. You guys got really wrong idea of Windows Server 2003. It doesn't use more memory at all. I do clean install and it consumes just like XP (about 200). Kernel makes everything much faster than XP and process runs better than XP.


It doesn't need higher spec, not at all. MS said that because they set DisablePagingExcutive to 1 by default and I don't think most of you use spec worse than CPU 1GHz and 256MB RAM.

About cracking, Retail version doesn't need cracking or stuffs like that and it's highly recommended not to convert non-SP1 version to workstation (It's not made for workstation until SP1)


You're right. Windows Server 2003 has better resources and memory management.


If you're going to mention about guide and self-tweaks, you can't really make it XP yourself without my tool, NTSwitch or TweakNT. You can manually install system restore with old method of importing reg file which make some services not working for OS with many stuffs installed. Many ppl have problem about auto-mounting which is not mentioned in guide about solution to fix it. Nothing but few reg tweaks, you do it yourself and spending about 30 mins or more to finish it (maybe 10-15 when you really get used to it) But this in single click and automation support (Which can be done before MAMA cup is ready, 3 mins).

Anyway, it seems MSFN don't welcome this so I wouldn't force you to. I'd rather sticking with place where they see how valuable it is.

Edited by Windows X
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i realy think this is a fun tool to play with, -

But, and thats the tricky part, all topic about converting 2k3-serv to XP,

just get you a 300$+ windows xp (with no MS-Suport or what so ever),

note to those who say, (but you have a 180day free trial - witch can be easily exented with some sort of crack : SCREW YOU (if you realy dont want to pay for your OS use a free one,

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It doesn't need higher spec, not at all. MS said that because they set DisablePagingExcutive to 1 by default and I don't think most of you use spec worse than CPU 1GHz and 256MB RAM.
:lol: It was a "joke" because XP setup billboards says that XP makes games more exciting...

Thanks for the rest of your answer

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I really dont get this. If you want a workstation, buy XP or 2K. If you want a server, buy 2003. All this stuff about converting 2003 into XP - why bother?

Its a bit like somebody inventing a machine that can convert tea into coffee. Why not buy coffee in the first place? Oh, because tea has better memory management.

Edited by At0mic
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Somehow I feel bored of these sentence. I'm pretty sure 80% of guys who said this never try it. See here.


Nobody complains like you, not even saying it's server OS lol. Neowin had a very big flamewar about making 2k3 become workstation long time ago so they won't be stupid guys who just want to try for sure. Just try it and you'll know it's far better than normal Windows XP. If not, you wouldn't see 64-bit edition using the same kernel as Windows Server 2003 and Vista wouldn't use Windows Server 2003 as main kernel (Vista's kernel is almost same as 2k3 for main).

Its a bit like somebody inventing a machine that can convert tea into coffee. <--- Unfortunately, that tea machine make better coffee than current coffee machine with few fixes. That's why converting tea making to coffee is a worth try.

Edited by Windows X
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@Windows X , that just isn't true, 2k3, when nlited with the exact same settings as xp, uses close to 10MB more resouces.

so what you are saying, is ntoskrnl.exe is all that speeds things up? if so why not just use 2k3 ntoskrnl.exe and hack it for xp, then xp is would use less resources that 2k3, and be just as fast.

but anyway, I do agree, there is something in 2k3, that does work better with server programs. But in the end arn't you changing it right back to xp, by changing the settings? cept for a few altered files?

anyway, I hope to see what microwinX can do for 2k3, since if there really is an improvement, someones is gonna wanna use it, personally ill keep my licence for xp home oem.

Edited by gdogg
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i have tested both XP and 2003 as a workstation and when both nlited i find they do use pretty much the identical amount of resources , but win2k3 is alot faster and a hell of alot more stable. The only thing about using 2k3 as a workstation is that certain programs like firewall/antivirus/defrag all require that you download server editions instead of personal editions, not that it bothers me in the slightest as i dont use firewall/av and i already use O&O Server Defrag anyway.

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