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HOW TO Resource hacker scrips?


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I'm lost!! I have a .rc file and all the old shell32 icons i want for the new 6.0.2900.2781 shell32.dll and I've read the help file and I cant get it to load the .rc file into the new shell32.dll. What the hell is a .res file? Seems to be the whole dll file with a different extention.

Can anyone help me.. I have the newest resource hacker and I dont want to replace each file manually.

ahhhhhhhh :blink:

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for resorce hacker im quite positive you have to remove the resources before reloading new ones via that technique

this can be achived with the line:

-delete ,,,

that will remove all of the recourses from the file then of with you add yours back in.

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i use resource hacker scripts all the time for modifying my shell32.dll , msgina.dll and explorer.exe

i have it all setup and ready to be used. you can download the set i use Here

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Thanks ScubaSteve.. That worked really well.. **** fast way to update the shell32.dll.. Ohh ya I hate winzip.. **** thing does not show folders in zip files..I was lost for a min lol.. Winrar forever

Thanks for the help again.. My new CD is almost done now.

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My first post.

After reading for a while I have decided to register and give back to the community.

Thanks ScubaSteve for the answer to that.

I have taken it a step further.

Using your script and folder layout as a base I have made a couple of cmd scripts to automate the process.

First start with ScubaSteve's files as a base.

In the folder with reshacker.exe put in my folder CMD.

In that are 4 scripts.

1 Get it.cmd

which gets the files from your i386 folder

2 DO IT.cmd

which expands the files

reshacks them

modifypes them

and cabs them

3 Replace it.cmd

which copies the modified files back to the i386 folder overwriting the originals.

4 cleanup.cmd

which deletes all the files used

You could combine the scripts in to one but I like doing things separately.


In "get it.cmd" and "replace it.cmd" you must modify the path to your i386 folder.

The "get it" and "replace it" reads the text file "files.txt" in the resources folder to determine what files to process. Open the file and edit it as need. They are the names of the files you want to change. You must have the scripts and resources for all the files listed in this text file for it to work.

This saves me time not having to find the files in the i386 folder and run separate commands for each file.

I am attaching only the command files and text file to save space.

What do you think?

Thanks again to ScubaSteve for this and all the other posters that have helped me in the past.


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