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Which OS are you using?


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I only have ME - since 2000 - love it. :thumbup I won't be upgrading to anything else...can't afford it and I only use my pc for 15 emails@month; 15 Forums; 5 gamesites (Pogo.com, etc.); 3 Medical websites. I don't 'surf', don't shop online, don't do gaming things, don't do photos or music...heck...I don't even have any Office software on here. :lol: 20GB HDD, with 18GB free... :whistle:

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"If a product isn't free, it isn't worth the price. Free products are the best and only things you should have on your computer."quote]

and you are using windows xp ... euh last time i check i had to pay about 100 euro (125 usd) for it.

lol btw im using Windows XP-x64 and Vista Beta2 x64 (dual boot) on my Opteron workstation,

and windows 2000 (usp 5.1) and zenwalk linux 2.x (dualboot) on my Celeron 1.7ghz laptop

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lets see

my computer has 98se

family computer has 98se

sisters computer has 98se

other sisters computer has 95b

my aopen box has debian 3.1

my pentium mmx has ipcop

my 486 75 has wfw 3.11

my p133 has 98se

the p2 400 i have at the moment has FC4

my other p2 400 i have at the moment has ipcop

the 486 66 has win3.1

the 386 has win3.1

the laptop was 95b

oh and my 2 amstrad cpc464's have well umm err,

can someone tell me what it is i think its meant

to be some microsoft dos thingy but ive never

really worked it out or bothered looking in the user manual

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for the most part, i use windows xp pro sp2.

on my desktop, its xp pro sp2

on my insprion 7000 with a 15 inch display, its xp pro sp2

on my inspiron 7000 with a 14 inch display, its 98 se

on my armada 1700, it has 98 se

i dont use my desktop or armada 1700 much anymore, i mainly use the inspiron 7000 with the 15 inch display. im always using it, just because its mobile and fast i guess. but meh, it suites me perfectly.

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I use Windows 2000 as base system.

And in VMware there are WinXP Pro SP2 and 98 as Windows Flavours

Just Starting to learn Linux, so have Red Hat 9 on VMware. Cant make out which flavour to start from. Any help woudl be appreciated.

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This Laptop: Dualboot XP MCE 05 and latest Vista builds

(Can run a spare HDD with Mac OS X 10.4.8)

Other laptop: Win98se -OR- Win2000 pro -OR- Win2k3

XBox: xUbuntu, Xebian or Gentoox - not yet decided which one to use.

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-my pc (sort of new)

XP Home sp2

Vista b2

fedora linux 5

-my laptop (new)

XP pro sp2 (oem)

In maybe a few hours I'll put vista on ;)

Not fedora on my laptop though!

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