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[RELEASE] Nero 7 Lite / Micro v7.7.5.1


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I'm sorry but Nero is delayed to Friday.

I finally completed merging Nero 7 Lite and Micro scripts using the Inno Setup PreProcessor. The good news is that I don't have to duplicate stuff anymore so there will be no delay between future Nero Lite and Micro releases.

Another noticeable change is that several Nero Lite language packs will get merged into one.

Testing doesn't show any anomalies on my test system, so maybe this time Nero 7 is finally a stable release :rolleyes:

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Sweet!! Thx, Acheron!

As for this being the FIRST stable release, well, I personally have nvr had a prob with any of your releases. In fact, it runs MUCH faster than Nero Bloat Professional. :D

I hope, if you get a chance, you might help me make a switchless for this, so that I may make an addon pack for nlite. (I'm kinda a noob with the silent/switchless installers.) Since I ALWAYS install this on fresh systems, I might as well integrate it. ;)


Now, I just gotta wait for the language-specific versions. (I have a few Spanish-speaking customers)

What if you just made language packs? Wouldn't that be easier?

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I have tried both lite & micro on Vista

Unfortunately they install ok but niether of them will run.

I get the message that the program requires re installing but still does not run if I do.

I tried a clean install with both but so far no luck.

Version micro worked perfectly.

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I tried compatibility mode but no go

It is strange because v7.5.9.0 worked without any problems.

Just back from shift so now going to bed, will try again later and revert if anything found.

Might be only me with the problem but I do not think so.


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install went smooth but im having this issue in Virtual PC 2004. u can see the current version there. in my pc it worked fine, but i have nero 6.6 installed before so its not a clean install.


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