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Help! Unreadable Hardisc


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Can anyone help me??

i got a hardisk which is 80GB capacity,i got loads of important data in that hardisc.

It start when my power supply just burn off and i change a new one,then after i open my pc,the 80GB hardisc since to been gone,i open device manager to install,but there it was in the list of the device manager but i can see it in the "My Computer" window..

Then i open the Computer Management and try find it,and there is the hardisc but it is unreadable..

I keep one remove and plug in the cable of the hardisc and motherboard but there is no use it is still the same....

Can anyone help me please i really got many stuffs in that hardisc and i dun wan to lose it...

Please Help!!

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In my experience a tool called Spinrite might be useful. It runs from a diskette using FreeDOS. Spinrite can correct a large number of disk errors and recover data that might otherwise have been lost. If nothing else, it will tell you if your hard disk is correctable or not.

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What does disk management show? Does it show it as a valid disk? You may just need to assign a drive letter. I've had this happen with external USB drives when moved from one system to another...it recognizes the drive in every way but doesn't assign a drive letter.

I know this happened after a PSU died...but sometimes it's the simplest thing. :)

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The fact that TESTDISK lets you see the files, does not mean that everything is OK.

If TESTDISK did not report any error, assigning a drive letter can be the solution.

If TESTDISK reported errors, you should read the docs and repair those errors with TESTDISK.


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