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Play Videos,Audio & Images Slide Show During Windows Setup!

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Problem solved, THX anyway :thumbup

Instead of unpacking the files in folder C:\Windows\Temp I choose another temp folder

because there were already other mp3 files in that temp-windows folder.

It seems if there are more then one mp3 or video files in the folder where MPUI.exe and

all the other files are, mplayer will play nothing automatically.

Maybe this can be solved in one or another way?

I'll search further! :}

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For those who want to play more that just one file in MPUI, I wanna show the method I use. Instead of launching from start.cmd MPUI.exe, I launch a script created with AutoIT, which launches mpui and open a playlist allready created. This way I have two playlist. One for when the system is installing, the other one for when I install my apps.

This (scripts) is the link where I put the exe's created, list1.exe, list2.exe, which you can decompile and modify as you want, if you have autoit. The password is cosmin. For those who don't have autoit, list1.exe requires for you to create a file playlist1.m3u (ofcourse, with the videos you want in it. It must be in the folder where mpui.exe is), and list2.exe, a playlist2.m3u. Also I put the video files in mpui folder, so mine looks like zecabra's, plus some video files, two playlists, and the exe's list1, list2

It may not be the simpliest and the easyest method, but for me it works

NOTE TO ADMIN: when I tried to attach the file to this post, I received the message: The total filespace required to upload all the attached files is greater than your per post or global limit. Please reduce the number of attachments or the size of the attachments.

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hello Folks,

just found & tried amit_talkin's method, but sounds bad for me ...

neither bink window nor sound, I tried with VMWare and with a burned CD to boot with, same result, ie NO-result :(

I modified Winntbbu & syssetup, but I don't think this will change anything to try with original ones

coul you please help?


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I did mp3 file to .exe

Work good THX for your guide.

If you can move thisone picture video we can see beter this Lady.

THX again

How?? You've done it but I can't find that option .Please helpme!!!

Sorry!!! Scuse me please.

My Fault,I've didn't read complete all post's first time,but second I've found what I wan't.Thank's to those who posted here.

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what do you mean 'goto options and click apply'?

my guess is you're trying to play sound before your soundcard drivers are installed. and if you didn't slipstream your audio drivers or windows doesn't have your drivers, you're out of luck.

for me the hardest part is figuring out whether or not the drivers are installed before i start the music. it was too much effort for me ;)

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Sorry i meant that mplayer opens up at the 33 minute stage, the video starts playing but no sound can be heard. Now whilst the video is playing if you select tools > options on mplayer itself and click apply - the sound starts playing. No options are changed so its just a strange one

Anyone else manage to get audio working ?

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