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  1. Hi, 2 of my friends have bought identical laptops HP Omnibook 6100. I've put XP Pro on them and for some reason they both are set on extended desktop - even though theres no monitor attached. I cant disable it in the display properties as its greyed out but its ticked. So at the moment you have to scroll around the screen to get from the top to the bottom of the desktop and also left to right - this even happens on the logon screen!
  2. Hi, when all of my apps have installed i've changed my runonce command so it doesnt reboot after the apps have installed. Instead it logs into the admin account. I've got a .exe file which i want to run once its logged in - how is the best way to start the file automatically ?
  3. Hi, i'm looking for a basic script for setting up user profiles, something that can be ran from a memory stick. At my work we deploy new PCs every day and have to logon to the machines as the user and set the folder options, shortcuts, change options etc for each user. Is there anything already created that i could work on / modify for my needs ?
  4. Sounds good - upload the beta so we can have a look
  5. Oops my mistake - i renamed the config.js to something else
  6. Ok i still cant get it to work - this is on a multiboot DVD so my setup files for XP are not on the root of the DVD The WPI.hta is now opening but the files to install are not showing up Attached is the problem And my folder structure
  7. Hi, i've just started using this after using the RunOnce method. I'm getting the following error after windows has installed but before my apps have installed : Im using a multiboot DVD - my WPI folder is located on the DVD as: not I can move the WPI folder to the root on the DVD thats not a problem but is that where it should be located ?
  8. Like you said rootworm - the audio drivers wernt installed fully - i increased the sleep time from 180 to 280 seconds and it works fine now
  9. Just noticed that i have arguement instructions that belong to DetachedProgram=".\system32\cmd.exe" Think i'l just find a different way of installing the drivers so i dont have 2 instances of DetachedProgram=
  10. Right- i've never made a command script so does the following look right ? I'd call the cmd script using: And the cmd script would contain:
  11. Sorry i meant that mplayer opens up at the 33 minute stage, the video starts playing but no sound can be heard. Now whilst the video is playing if you select tools > options on mplayer itself and click apply - the sound starts playing. No options are changed so its just a strange one Anyone else manage to get audio working ?
  12. Hi, in Winnt.sif i install the drivers by placing the following in [GuiUnattended] But i've added a video now to the setup which uses Can i use 2 detached programs because i cant get it to work tried this But only the 1st option is picked up Any ideas ?
  13. I cant get the sound to run automatically in dos, when in dos if i goto options and click apply the sound starts - any idea why that is ? It works fine when i test it in windows

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