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  1. i've already noticed this topic, my wish is to make an installer as light as possible with only the runtimes libraries in it and no dev stuff
  2. Hi all, I'm thinking of repacking all the .NET framework (from 1.1sp2 to 3.5sp1) but i wanted to know, the .NET framework contains things for devellopers, and i wanted to know if there is way to cleanup the framework to have only the required libraries to run apps that needs .NET libraries. Thanks in advance, Theutlass.
  3. Using the 1.7.9.d i got a bug during install about missing file for unregmp2.exe, the file called WMDRMSDK.DLL is missing that's bad Said nothing got a corrupted wmp setup's exe.
  4. Or you can edit HFSLPGUI.CMD in \Sourcess\I386 folder to change the program order manually
  5. Hi all, I want to know how to integrate a language pack in ALL vista version of my DVD (yep the seven version) (if possible a batch automated process ) Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi everyone, I was wondering if someone achieved to do this : Removing almost everything of windows update, but with the capacity of installing Windows Live Suite components like Windows live mail and windows live messenger Thx in advance, Regards.
  7. Using the normal install feature the only bug is the startmenu letters missing to my docs etc setting style to Basic 32 or Black 32 fix that bug. The searchbar make troobles in the startmenu buttons. There is no other bug with the normal methode. I'll test the iso patch this evenning.
  8. Currently installing a VM xp to test the french version i'll tell you what went right or wrong
  9. Hi, this is how i install unlocker : I use a 7z-SFX with this files inside : ;!@Install@!UTF-8! GUIMode="2" SetEnvironment="UL=\"%ProgramFiles%\\Unlocker\"" RunProgram="cmd /c xcopy \"%%T\" %UL% /s /e /i /y" RunProgram="regsvr32 /S \"%UL%\\UnlockerCOM.dll\"" RunProgram="hidcon:cmd REG ADD "HKLM\\SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\Windows\\CurrentVersion\\Uninstall\\Unlocker" /V "Language" /D "1036" /f" ;!@InstallEnd@! the 1036 in the reg add is for french language if you want english just put 1033 instead of it
  10. Hi, I was making a batch file wich write in the registry but i have to write something like that "BackgroundColor"=hex:ff,ff,ff,00 "Text"=dword:00000400 and i dunno how to write this via a batch file Thanx in advance
  11. Maybe it'll be a good idea to include a uxtheme patcher in the Extra tab of the vistapack
  12. Oops forgotten to translate the windows title Now it's corrected 115.7z If we can help him to release faster i think it's a good idea

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