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Windows Live™ Mail betaSleek and simple, with added security - Sign up


What it is

Fast and simple e-mail that makes it easy to read, send and organize your messages.

The "beta" part means it's a work in progress, so we need your input to make sure it's built right.

What it gives you

• Previews of your messages you can read without leaving your inbox

• Drag-and-drop organization

• One-click control over junk and scam e-mails

• Right-click power—reply, delete, and forward

• 2 GB of storage (2 GB = 2,000,000,000 bytes)

Learn more about the features of Windows Live Mail beta

No we can have this as a better thread for discussion.

How many of you are in?

I got my gfs id in though the leaked link on the net. Looked pretty clean and simple.Have not explored compleely but wht i saw was looking promising and simple.

What are your thoughts?

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happy to say that i got through :blushing: well my gfs id and that too through that leaked link , not though the invite.

Just got it through today so no testing in detail.

Looked clean n simple.

wont explain in detail right now. Lil busy, will test and post reports later.

BTW, who else is into live mail. How was your experience?

everyone can share there thoughts over here!!!

i have it! I love it, the only thing i would like to see in M5 is being able to attach a signature and a little more customizability :lol:

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Been testing it for 5 weeks now. Gmail was the same when it came back ( and i was a tester right from the start ) and even it lacked features ... but then grew gradually and i saw it evolve right through.

I luv Live Mail the way it has built up. I think we wont be seeing Live Mail Final till May 2006 thats when Live Messenger 8 is planned for a grand launch.

By May it will have a lottsa more features. Its too early to judge right now.

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You guys talking about the same thing as I am? The beta email thing from MS? You guys like it? Granted I havent messed with it too much but right now there isnt enuf in it to justfiy if its good or bad. So far its aight but not impressive.

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And I thought it was useless registering! :D Only problem is that the link won't work on mine :(.

Not much different from Hotmail, at least on FF...Dunno who I'm going to give my invites to when I get them...My friends at school aren't exactly the tech type ;).

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At the moment I don't like it. The handeling of junk mail is junk at the moment. If you try to delete multiple messages at the same time you get an error message and they don't get removed but if you click on them again you get a not found error. But what bothers me most is that if you click allow sender or whatever that thing is the message dosn't get moved to inbox as I think it should. For now I think it's too buggy, wish I could go back.

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For now I think it's too buggy, wish I could go back.
You can go back to the old hotmail interface. It's in options if i remember correctly - choose 'opt out from beta' or similar. Be aware, after this I imagine you would have to wait for another invite before being able to use the live mail again (you know, once they fix the problems and everyone starts raving about it). It's a beta, that's its purpose. Did you send feedback on the errors?


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