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  1. My desktop hard core matrix Clean Dirty Theme Event Horizon Destatured by Razoredge16 http://virtualcustoms.net Icon's 7 TSP Neongreen Icons By Mr. Grim http://virtualcustoms.net Wallpaper Me Samurize skin Me Rocketdock skin me icons razoredge16
  2. I'm building a very complex Lcars theme for windows 7 (star trek computer) I'm replacing the taskbar with circle dock http://circledock.wikidot.com/ Now my qeustion is is there a way if i click a button in the designed circle bar that also the wallpaper chance with it ? simply explained if i click in the start button on for instance on configration can i let the desktop wall paper change on the moment my configuration screen opens ?
  3. As far as i could see when i had it open the video chip is mounted on the motherboard and it use shared memory although it's called dedicated memory. I have run memtest and the memory checked out good. Video card is giving a directdraw error but that is not strange because i disable it. Thx for the help though
  4. Oke i know and read and watched the youtube clip of the cooling and the Nvidia combo But there is hope for this laptop it's a Acer Aspire 9300 Amd Turion 64 clocked at 1.61 Ghz 2 G of Ram Nvidia Gforce Go 7600 128 MB Windows XP Sp3 Now it has the following trouble when i enable the video card it gives a memdump (BSOD) or just stripes in different colors even in the bios it give strange letters as if i'm watching the matrix When i disable the videocard i get in windows as if i have dead pixels in my screen but they are in differnt colors. During start up i get stripes in the acer logo (cracks
  5. I was wondering because at the start of vlite you have the choise wich version you want to adjust. What if i want to make a all in one DVD from windows 7 with slipstreamed update's do i have to update each version of windows 7 seperate ? ***oops found it already so ones again asked a stupid question *****
  6. Found it what was wrong Patiance i'm used to installing XP and that goes a lot faster Thx for the help
  7. During install it keeps on hanging in different parts when unpacking. I'm doing a clean install of windows vista home basic but everytime when it starts to unpack the files it hangs. sometimes at 1% sometimes at 3% or 39% what can i do to chance that It's a 2ghz pentium 160 GB Hdd 768 MB mem (yeah i know at least 1 Ghz mem, that's why i install vista homebasic) Thx for the help infront.
  8. You better can't remove that cause it's a backup from your windows XP. So if you delete it there is no way of going back P.S You could read it during the install of Vista (setup of vista)
  9. I'll second that, that is one awesome desktop.. do you have a link for us Mr Spock? Wincustomize Dreamland Here you are one dreamland to go The wallpaper is in a seprat link you can find on the same page. For the transparent toolbar you need indeed windowblinds 5.0 for the icons i used iconpackager Globe icons
  10. I just have to post mine Sometimes i'm just dreaming away, thru the window Clean little bit busy
  11. Little update : Phew lucky me i found with my favoriet computershop (better said the seller) found i new Mobo for me and it's working like a charm again Now i checked out the broken motherboard (by doing a electronic mesurment) and indeed there where some Electrolytic Capacitors broken. So i i hope i can find those Electrolytic Capacitors and build a extra comp with it, stil got a celeron 2.4 and some memory so who knows Thanx for all the Help
  12. @ Ken J I have have studied electronics so replacing 1 of them would be no trouble but there isn't 1 Electrolytic Capacitors that is looking strange The board has no jumpers for the cpu speed and it have been running for more then 3 years without any trouble. Also i did no overclocking, cause like you said it can give the most strange behavior. I think it's the powersupply i gonna chance the one now in the computer and see if it gonna chance something. Still ofcourse i checked out the log files of WinXP and now SuSe but i can't see any strange things in it. By the way a picture of the motherbo
  13. @ ssmokee If i do a dos based burn in test (from the techie's boot CD) it keeps on running without any trouble But before i formated my HDD i did a burn in test with sisoft sandra and indeed it hang after a short while. Now a question is the PSU al handed by the Voltage regalator or is there also a part done by the motherboard ? It's easy to chance the Voltage regulator but not the the Motherboard Also have any one experince with the brand chaintech By the way thanx for the replay's
  14. @ m3n70r I formated my HDD cause of the fact that my windows XP was constanly hanging (couldend move the mouse even on keyboard was no reaction ctrl+alt+del) only a reboot would work then after the reboot it sometimes hang in the startup of windows and most of the times after a few minutes. So i cleaned lowformat the HDD with Maxblast from the maxtor site, even put my MBR all at zero's so it's totaly clean still the problm remain. I checked up on the GRUB Bootloader error ofcourse and it had to do indead with the MBR. Now i have again a total clean HDD and i gonna try again to install SuSe 10.
  15. @Misha the PSU works fine i think because when i run Maxblast and did a lowformat it kept on running all the time. (did the full (long version) It has no chipset fan only a CPU fan and that is working fine i cleanded it and i got the site pannels of cause i thought that it was a heat problem @LLXX Did a bios upgrade already with no luck Little update i was able to put Suse 8.2 on it and instead of the GRUB bootloader i use the LILO boot. But now i try to put SuSe 10.0 on it and it keeps hanging again during the installation. I'm really don't have a clue anymore what it can be At least thanx
  16. Little update After removing all the partions i was able to install linux SuSe 10.0 but when i treid to reboot i got a error in the GRUB bootloader with the code 16. @tarquel What do you mean with PSU ? Memory brand is twinmos but i have check that with memtest388 (if i have the name correct) and no errors with that
  17. There is a very strange thing with my computer. I had the problem that my windows XP constantly started to hang, so i formated my hardisk and treid to install windows XP again, but now i'm not even able to install windows XP back again. It's a pentium 4 2GHZ HDD Maxtor 200G Motherboard is a chaintech CT-9BJF Videocard ATI 9200A Soundcard Creative live 5.1 Memory 512 MB Somehow i can't install windows XP or Linux SUSE 8.1 Or 8.2, but i can install windows 98SE With Linux it don't want to boot after the install Not with the Lilo kernel or not with the Grub kernel. With the windows XP install it
  18. I use my main computer for downloading and sharing, and because i bhought a cheap router it can't handle a lot of conections. It start to hang when i have to many incomming connections. I checked my computer on virusses, also on spyware but nothing showed up. So it's really strange.
  19. I got over here 2 computers both working on WinXP The first computer has 2 networking cards 1 is conected to the internet and the second nic contected to my router is conecting the second computer. It's in principale working fine. Although when i have done a clean install of windows when i want to transfer 1 file to the other computer it goes very fast about 700 mb in 4 min. But lately the same file size take's around 25 min. I chanced both nics speed to a 100 MB and that didn't help When i chance the cables and internet to the other nic and the networking to the other it is again transfering
  20. I try to repair a compaq presario 1700 laptop with the following error ASPI Manager for USB mass storage Version 2.15 © copyright Panasonic Communications Co., Ltd 2000-2003 Controller :00-07-2 VID=8086h PID=7112h (0000h-0000h) UHCI : I/O=1060H-107Fh Error : Target USB device not found. There is windows 98se on. But i can't boot from DVD-rom and i can't boot from the HDD cause of this error is there any one who knows how i can solve this I have treid to install the Usb driver thru dos (can boot from floppy) but that doesn't run in Dos mode Thx infron
  21. The second new HD that i treid was a IDE but the same error was still there it just hangt in the blue screen licance screen. so the basic installation it want to do but it's the part where it actually start to unpack and really install Win XP. Bios update i can try cause i believe i flush every buffer that maybe full empty then.
  22. Update: Finnely i got the chance to see that costumer his computer again. Things i treid 1. mem86 5 times run like a charm no errors. 2. Did a maxblast test (It's a Maxtor HD) it didn't want to start up with Caldara-Dos got a lot of weird fonts (not letters or anything readable) 3. Put in a new HD same error hangt at the Setup. 4. Did a motherboard mem test no errors. 5. let Microscope PC dignostics (Only bios test program that wanted to run) test the rest of the bios and it checked out oke. 6. treid other bios check programs but a lot gave the message divided buffer overflow or buffer overf
  23. Yes finnely fixed it It's a mather of fixing the IPs thru the router. The main computer where the ISP is on have to have a shared internet conection, when you do that it give the second Nic IP that IP nr you also have to give it in to the router. Then it's just a mather of apionting the other computers with there own I.P and that's it. Just plugin the UTP cable's to the Lan gate's and it work like a charm, no falling away of the DNS or anything. Hope this help other people who might have the same prob, or having trouble with there router which can't handle to much connections.
  24. Thx for the page but it isn't help me. I have treid the following. 1e nic is the ISP on 2e nic treid that without any IP number or anything just enable internet sharing on the first nic and put it in my Wan poort of my router that's not working 2e nic gave it IP connect the cable into the lan poort (router itself use no gatway not working and even my orginal internet conection droops dead. 2e nic disable internet sharing on first nic use IP gateway router IP not working and internet conection droop dead. Is there any one who can help me step by step how
  25. I have a U.S Robotics USR8003 router. It has the following problem, when ever there are to many conections (P2P) going thru it it starts to lock up. Already treid to contact U.S Robotics, but they never really understood it cause they kept on talking about hooking up more computers then 4 and that, that was possible, explainded it over and over and now not getting any answer at all. Also read on the net already that this problem exsist with this router. so now i still can't go on to the net with both my computers or share file's between the both of them. (don't want to switch cable's constanly
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