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[Desktops] 2006


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@Andrew932 - hmmmm, do you like Alias?
Haha , seems not the alias but............... :rolleyes:

HAHA :lol:

@Black - may i ask what transformation pack/Vs u are useing?

how did you get the icons bigger on the desktop?

and how did you get the sticky note thing on your desktop?

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The Statuettes Of The Golden Pagoda...

A Touch Of Class... B)

Wall: Seeressdomenight

System Icons: Oxidized Premium Suite

Upper Taskbar: Oxidized Premium

Skin: Gryffindor House

Widgets: Silica Calendar..Silica Weather..Clear Meter

Windows Media Centre: Wallpaper Slideshow

Cursor: Pro Tools

Large: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v24/Stetson11/GPL.jpg


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I look at these desktops every month and they are fabulous. I think that it should be required to post the vs name, cursor, wallpaper, widgets, etc. It helps to know what we're looking at.
just ask the person!

i would be adverse toward that because "a magician never gives up his secrets" ;)

plus its alot of work, i never document/record where i get my VS's, wallpaper, etc etc and half the time i don't know what they are called! and i dont have time to find out! and i'm sure alot of other people don't either!

@Dagonet' - beautiful desktop, as usual

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Yes, Litestep. That shot is of a customized version of the non|step theme with a photoshopped background and a samurize config at the top.

Probably should have mentioned all of that in the first post. Sorry :)

For those of you interested in alternative shells, the Litestep community has recently sprung back to life. A good place to start is ls-universe.

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