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[Desktops] 2006

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Peaceful Easy Feelin....Memories... ;)

Wall: Warm Glow

Skin: ChaNinja/Sub Zero....{Recolored/ Blinds 5 and Skin Studio Pro..Gamma/Color/Saturation}

Icons: System and Dock...ChaNinja {Recolored/ Icon Developer}

Widgets: Clear Weather/Horizontal Calendar

Cursor: X-Phorm Holo

Tool Bars: Cha Ninja Icons

Large: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v24/Stetson11/CYHL.jpg


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This is my 1st Post on these kind of Threads! :D:thumbup

I really like everything clean and simple. The same goes for Software, the minimal (less bloat, less features, less graphics), the better.


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wallpaper: 300371_6631.jpg (got it from www.sxc.hu)

theme: Lunar Element 5.05 (deviantart)

rocketdock: ProtoGlass

rainlendar: V Style II


@Black: Ik wil dat OOK!!! Wat jij nu hebt, hoe krijg je, je system properties zo breed voor elkaar?:P

ps: Het is mij gelukt ook zo'n sydm voor elkaar te krijgen (mbv. sysdm.cpl ;) )

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