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XPlode 4.3 Series

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Well, if you can read what the subtitle said, XPlode 4 is now free.

I haven't had the chance to change the site around, nor any more development recently.

It doesn't look like much free time is going to be found for dev'ing XPlode after January, so I plan to try to get X5 out the door as quickly as is possible.

In the meantime though, XPlode 4 is going to be free, as X5 is going to be released as a free product.

So I guess if you've gotten this far, you're annoyed that I haven't told you how to get it.... *evil grin*

You can download it from:


Username: Pre-X5

Password: Pre-X5

Keep in mind though, this is valid for personal use only - anybody that wishes to use it in a corporate environment will still need a license. You can email for details or clarification - I'll be updating the site with T&C at some point in the coming days.

Direct linkage to XPlode will be added alongside the changes, so no need to log in.

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cool thanks :) always wanted to play around with this, just never liked the idea of making a new cd every 2 weeks lol.

can't wait to see what the rest of the MSFN community makes with this :)

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so do people who have a license have some more options or is it same as the free one (i got a license)

There is no difference.

I have been unable to find sufficient time to maintain the multitudes of "single-user" licenses that people purchase, so I've decided to make it free for personal use.

Finding time to develop XPlode at all is hard enough.

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There is no real tutorial for XPlode - it has always been assumed that one would start using it once they had conquered the basics, such as CMDLINES.TXT, SVCPACK.INF and WINNT.SIF etc. etc.

I figure that if the user has the background knowledge on how they work, then they should be able to extrapolate in order to link XPlode in.

That said, section 4 of the docs has some quick and dirty ways of linking XPlode into the setup routines, and the example XML's that come with XPlode should provide all the information that you need.

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Wow... a great big huge thank you!!!! I've been playing around with XPlode for quite a while now and it's definately become my installation method of choice.

Are there any tutorials on how to use this properly? I'd be extremely interested in replacing WPI with this since it's a little more integrated...
If you understand the basics of a UA install, you should be able to find your way through the example XML files and the PDF documentation that's provided. It's not that hard really... :)
how i can start Xplode from CDrom and install all the programs from the Cdrom ??

Happy new year

I run XPlode from CMDlines, and the cmdlines.txt file I have contains the following:

"..\Installs\XPlode.exe /log:C:\XPlode.log"

I've got a folder called Installs in the root of my CD (not in the $OEM$ folders - cmdlines.txt is the only file there), and within the Installs folder are all the installers and XPlode files. If you then use the #XPLODE# variable, it makes things very easy. :)

I'm so happy now... this is like a late xmas present for me. Thanks again Wraith. :thumbup

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