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  1. it could be 2 things , bad memory , or broken resistors on mobo try the disc on other pc and you will see it will work
  2. what i mean is the icons (vista) are now back to original windows icons only the first users has the vista icons
  3. replacing shell32.dll worked for me but when i switch user all icons are back to normal for that user , very wierd problem
  4. i only have this when installing my unattended xp on systems , with a original xp i don't have this problem
  5. hello guys, got a wierd problem lol , after my unattended install everything works but got a wierd bug. Windows xp thinks the cd is still in there even if i remove it (the title keeps showing in explorer and size also) the only fix for this is to reboot without a cd in drive . cheers pirrup
  6. all explained here : http://unattended.msfn.org/
  7. if you want to make a grafical boot menu i would say use cdshell
  8. you can't change with bootcfg , only add. and wmic.exe is also built in
  9. nah don't want a boot menu what i want is the option to say i want a normal bootlogo when installing soft unattended. i use wpi to install software and reg tweaks ps i tried to use some console ini changers but they can't seem to change the long string
  10. hello guys, i'm using a custom bootlogo (OEMkrnl.exe) but i want a option to remove the /kernel=OEMKrnl.exe from my boot.ini so i can have the normal bootlogo i tried replacing boot.ini with a batch file but it doens't seem to work with an unattended setup. any help would be nice cheers pirrup
  11. check this out http://www.microsoft.com/technet/prodtechn...9.mspx?mfr=true
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