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  1. it could be 2 things , bad memory , or broken resistors on mobo try the disc on other pc and you will see it will work
  2. what i mean is the icons (vista) are now back to original windows icons only the first users has the vista icons
  3. replacing shell32.dll worked for me but when i switch user all icons are back to normal for that user , very wierd problem
  4. i only have this when installing my unattended xp on systems , with a original xp i don't have this problem
  5. hello guys, got a wierd problem lol , after my unattended install everything works but got a wierd bug. Windows xp thinks the cd is still in there even if i remove it (the title keeps showing in explorer and size also) the only fix for this is to reboot without a cd in drive . cheers pirrup
  6. all explained here : http://unattended.msfn.org/
  7. if you want to make a grafical boot menu i would say use cdshell
  8. you can't change with bootcfg , only add. and wmic.exe is also built in
  9. nah don't want a boot menu what i want is the option to say i want a normal bootlogo when installing soft unattended. i use wpi to install software and reg tweaks ps i tried to use some console ini changers but they can't seem to change the long string
  10. hello guys, i'm using a custom bootlogo (OEMkrnl.exe) but i want a option to remove the /kernel=OEMKrnl.exe from my boot.ini so i can have the normal bootlogo i tried replacing boot.ini with a batch file but it doens't seem to work with an unattended setup. any help would be nice cheers pirrup
  11. check this out http://www.microsoft.com/technet/prodtechn...9.mspx?mfr=true
  12. [RegionalSettings] LanguageGroup=13,1 SystemLocale=00000813 UserLocale=00000813 InputLocale=0813:00000813
  13. hehe looking nice got one question tho , if i use this on a windows 2003 server that has dhcp enabled do i still need to config the dhcp in the tftpd ? cheers
  14. if $lastkey == key[F2]; then BCDW boot /boot /PM8.IMA
  15. if $lastKey == key[3]; then bcdw boot /boot/TRUEIMG.WBT you forgot the word boot
  16. found a solution ! ok if you want to use cdshell hider and still want to be able to boot WINPE, bartPE, ERD commander or windows installs do this : i'll use boot_files (hidden) directory and a main_files directory to explain. boot_files will be the hidden iso (my cdshell menu and some files that need to be run by cdshell) main_files is the iso with all the files and directory's that are visible on the cd. i'll use ERD 2005 as an example : got a directory ERD5 in my main_files (this has all the files ERD needs) check http://flyakite.msfnhosting.com/ for the tutorial on how he installed ERD follow this . now comes the trick make a dir ERD5 also in the hidden iso and copy SETUPLDR.BIN an SETUPLDR.RAM into the dir. if you use chain erd5.dat it won't work if you want to use the hidden cdshell. (CDBOOT: Could not find NTLDR) so how did i fix it , easy delete the dat files in the root then just use BCDW plugin in cdshell : if $lastKey == key[F1]; then BCDW boot /ERD5/SETUPLDR.BIN if $lastKey == key[F2]; then BCDW boot /ERD5/SETUPLDR.RAM now the file get's loaded and searches the none hidden part for the files at last i got it to work lol cheers pirrup
  17. yep SETUPLDR.BIN is in ERD5 dir . and if i add ERD5 to the hidden part i get same error . this is what making me crazy lol
  18. ok i'll try to explain : hidden -> boot folder (cdshell) , some iso files that need to be in the hidden so cdshell can execute it. (also i added ERD5.dat so cdshell can chain it) not hidden-> all the rest so when cd boots it loads cdshell from the hidden part , i chose to chain ERD5.dat opened ERD5.dat -> SETUPLDR.BINBOOTFIX.BINERD5 so the dir ERD5 is on the none hidden part of the cd . it works correct all if i don't hide anything. i hope this gives you more info

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