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[rel] Vista Transformation Pack

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I installed the Lite version last nite and it worked great, I have one question though. I was hopeing to get the round start button that was just the MSFT flag, I've seen it somewhere online here and I cant remember where. Is there a way to add that in or would I need to download the bigger pack?

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From the computers I have available I can't acces crystalxp.net, is there somewhere else that I can download just the task bar option? or what is the file called or style so I can search for it. Thanks for your time

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Set vtp.sif to enable unattended transformation using First-Run transformation in your CD or get nLite/RVM Integrator Pack version.

Where can I find the nLite version?? I've tried integrating...I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. Tells me something about NT Setup files found and quits.

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This looked to be like a promising pack and it's really a shame that it can't manage to even begin installing properly (amongst other things). The first time I installed I got several error 53s before it finally went tits up. I rebooted and some of my OS changed visually. Media Player, msn...they remained the same, but no worries. I tried integrating w/ nlite and that was a small disaster even through vmware.

Vista Transformation Pack has detected that
there's any Windows NT setup file in


It's not recommend you to continue with this.
Please eject your Windows NT CD or move
that folder to somewhere else. Press OK to exit
Vista Transformation Pack.


Now, it took me a long while to figure out what this was trying to tell me. Not that I ever did figure it out. Is it trying to say that there ISN'T any setup files? That there is? And WHY can I not continue to screw my system up if I feel I want to? Anyway, why does this app search the CD anyway? I first saw this message through nlite install. Then I just tried to install from my hd and got the same error. It wouldn't install without me having to remove my WinCD.. wtf?? haha :lol:


NTOSKRNL.EXE not found!

And I curse your camel!! but not really... :realmad:

Since I am a sucker for pain, I tried the LITE version...

LMAO! It had a problem with it's SIF file. Something about needed data not found or something or other.

TSK TSK My friend.. but I guess today wasn't my day. It was worst than my toothache. :(

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For all Windows X fans still at TC, informing you that the Vista Transformation Pack 4 has been released!

Due to TC and Windows X ending their relationship, the packs are no longer released here.

WINDOWS X WEBSITE: http://www.windowsxlive.net

NEW WINDOWS X SHRINE: http://www.jcxp.net/forums/index.php?showforum=71

You can download VTP4 at either of these locations. All discussions, feedback and support is now located at the new Windows X Shrine.

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I have used this Transformation Pack 4.0. It has great Icons and visual effects. Just wonder why Microsoft did not added it to WinXP.

Just a little problem, somtimes it gives Windows File Protection message and asks for Win XP SP2 CD. I usually cancel it. But is there a way to get rid of it.

While installation I waited for quite sometime as mentioned at the last step of installation. But still get this message.



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