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Vista Transformation Pack 3.0 - Extreme 5270 Updates!


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Well, this is another very big update. In this release, you'll get bunches of stuff you've never seen before in this pack such as Windows Media Player skins, WindowBlinds skin, new stuffs, etc. And bugs I've found are all fixed with 5270 additions. I don't know how should I explain it so see screenshot and consider yourself for it.

Changes in Version 3.0

-Added 2 Vista 5270 visual styles

|-Aero Style (Glass - Beta 2)

|-Aero Style (Vista - Beta 2)

-Added 2 Vista Media Player skins

|-Windows Media Player 11 (TheVista.ru)

|-WMP11 (MaStErHaCk)

-Added 2 Vista screensavers

-Added 8 new Vista wallpapers from build 5270

-Added Vista (Beta 2) stuffs such as



|-progress dialog

|-start button

|-toolbar icons

-Added WindowBlinds glass skin

-Corrected some Vista icons (Printers and Search)

-Fixed annoying cached files in harddisk source (such as i386, servicepackfiles, etc.)

-Fixed file extraction buffer error (some files that might be lost on some machines)

-Fixed Glass2k uninstallation bug

-Fixed unattended transformation issues on unattended installation (Works only on First-Run transformation mode)

-Removed "Aero Style (Glass - 51xx)" since it's similar to Beta 2 ones

-Updated ToolBar style settings

-Updated Vista Beta 1 progress buttons

-Updated visual styles

|-Fixed TreeExpandCollapse transparency bug

|-Renamed "Aero Style (52xx)" to "Aero Style (Beta 2)"

|-Fixed CaptionButton background bugs in Vista visual styles

|-Fixed Compact StartPanel bugs in Aero Style (Vista - Beta 1) visual style

|-Updated ListviewHeader image to new Vista ones

|-Updated Logoff/Shutdown button position in Beta 2 series

|-Updated new 5270 stuffs to Beta 2 series

|-Updated some improved elements in Beta 1 serires

|-Updated Tabitem images to ones used in IE7 in Beta 2 series

more informations and download links:


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I do have a image, my packard bell master DVD, but I've almost fixed it anyway, I think only uxtheme.dll is missing now, but I can copy it from my unattended project on my other partition :)

At least the laptop boots again ;)

Edit: got it back to work again :) Using System Restore, but I'm not installing it again...

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I know this thread is pretty old, but I could not find a more relevant one to post this problem.

I have installed the Pack according to instructions and had no problems. I have since decided to remove it and replace all the files with the originals using SFC /SCANNOW........but it says to insert the XP SP2 CD to fix the files and its actually in the drive. I have tried 3 XP SP2 cd's so far(all legit versions, btw), with the same problem duplicated on each CD. It may be easier to direct me to a link to the files as I can fix this easily if I have them. I am very computer literate. A little help, please? :wacko:

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ok i just installed it on my system.the problem is how can i edit the settings i chose during installation?like icon packs and visual styles? and there wasnt any change in my cursor.

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