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if i have a file lets say rundll32.dl_ and i extract it using your progie....it will extract to a folder not to the file rundll32.dll...... :P

Ahh. Yeah, I know what you mean. I actually considered this issue during development. However, I have common code that takes care of initial setup and then final verification of extraction for each type of archive. I would need to create a special case specifically for this type of file to get around it, and just didn't want to go down that route.

Additionally, since every other archive type extracts to a subdirectory, I figured this one as well, if only for consistency. I hope this isn't too much of an inconvenience. :-)

For the next version I'll probably look into this again, see if there's some better way of handling it. However, as I said, I'd prefer not to create a special case just for this one filetype, so we'll see what happens.

So i think u oly concentrate on unpacin installers

let IZArc do the other job

BTW u can call IZArc from commandline and avoid use of other files

Thanks for the suggestion, ATM. I actually do exactly this with 7-Zip. which I use to open .7z, 7-Zip SFX .exe, .bz2, .cab, .chm, .cpio, .deb, .gz, .lzh, .rpm, .tar, and .Z files. I still use some other standalone binaries, however, because they may support their native format more robustly. For example, the official unrar.exe can open certain RAR files (particularly SFX files) that 7-Zip cannot, despite the fact that it does support RAR files.

I chose to use 7-Zip rather than IZArc primarily because it's open source (which I am a huge proponent of), and because it has a great command line interface. However, I didn't realize that IZArc could handle .iso files. I'll look into it and see if it's possible to use in my program.

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Hi and Thank You nitro322.

I've tried your uniextract10.exe , the installer version worked sweet as for me on a short try (gunna give your proggy a flogging when I get home work...lol)

But the uniextract10_noinst.exe just keeps coming up with crc errors when I try to extract the archive (pasted from SFX window)

CRC failed in bin\arj.exe
Extracting bin\E_WISE_W.EXE
CRC failed in bin\E_WISE_W.EXE
Extracting bin\helpdeco.exe
CRC failed in bin\helpdeco.exe
Extracting bin\i6comp.exe
CRC failed in bin\i6comp.exe
Extracting bin\innounp.exe
CRC failed in bin\innounp.exe
Extracting bin\IsXunpack.exe
CRC failed in bin\IsXunpack.exe
Extracting bin\lzop.exe
CRC failed in bin\lzop.exe
Extracting bin\PEiD.exe
CRC failed in bin\PEiD.exe
Extracting bin\tee.exe
CRC failed in bin\tee.exe
Extracting bin\UniExtract.exe
CRC failed in bin\UniExtract.exe
Extracting bin\UnRAR.exe
CRC failed in bin\UnRAR.exe
Extracting bin\unzip.exe
CRC failed in bin\unzip.exe
Extracting bin\WUN.exe
CRC failed in bin\WUN.exe
Extracting bin\xace.exe
CRC failed in bin\xace.exe
Extracting bin\Formats\7z.dll
CRC failed in bin\Formats\7z.dll
Extracting bin\Codecs\7zAES.dll
CRC failed in bin\Codecs\7zAES.dll
Extracting bin\Codecs\AES.dll
CRC failed in bin\Codecs\AES.dll
Extracting bin\Codecs\Branch.dll
CRC failed in bin\Codecs\Branch.dll
Extracting bin\Formats\bz2.dll
CRC failed in bin\Formats\bz2.dll
Extracting bin\Codecs\BZip2.dll
CRC failed in bin\Codecs\BZip2.dll
Extracting bin\Formats\cab.dll
CRC failed in bin\Formats\cab.dll
Extracting bin\Formats\chm.dll
CRC failed in bin\Formats\chm.dll
Extracting bin\Codecs\Copy.dll
CRC failed in bin\Codecs\Copy.dll
Extracting bin\Formats\cpio.dll
CRC failed in bin\Formats\cpio.dll
Extracting bin\Formats\deb.dll
CRC failed in bin\Formats\deb.dll
Extracting bin\Codecs\Deflate.dll
CRC failed in bin\Codecs\Deflate.dll
Extracting bin\Formats\gz.dll
CRC failed in bin\Formats\gz.dll
Extracting bin\Formats\lzh.dll
CRC failed in bin\Formats\lzh.dll
Extracting bin\Codecs\LZMA.dll
CRC failed in bin\Codecs\LZMA.dll
Extracting bin\Codecs\PPMd.dll
CRC failed in bin\Codecs\PPMd.dll
Extracting bin\Formats\rpm.dll
CRC failed in bin\Formats\rpm.dll
Extracting bin\Formats\split.dll
CRC failed in bin\Formats\split.dll
Extracting bin\Codecs\Swap.dll
CRC failed in bin\Codecs\Swap.dll
Extracting bin\Formats\tar.dll
CRC failed in bin\Formats\tar.dll
Extracting bin\Formats\z.dll
CRC failed in bin\Formats\z.dll
Extracting bin\ZD51145.DLL
CRC failed in bin\ZD51145.DLL
Extracting bin\Codecs
Extracting docs
Extracting bin\Formats
Extracting bin
Extracting UniExtract.au3
Extracting support\Icons\uniextract_exe.ico
CRC failed in support\Icons\uniextract_exe.ico
Extracting support\Icons\uniextract_files.ico
CRC failed in support\Icons\uniextract_files.ico

I have tried clearing my temp and internet cache and dl'n again , same crc failures when unpacking though.

Could you please post the MD5 for uniextract10_noinst.exe

The MD5 I get for uniextract10_noinst.exe: B281C1276D2D36B8C09452151649857C (Size 1.84MB (1,934,224 bytes))


PS. Hope you don't mind me adding your prog to my SA Utils personal package.

if so let me know.

SA Utils Info: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=65085

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But the uniextract10_noinst.exe just keeps coming up with crc errors when I try to extract the archive (pasted from SFX window)

smashly, I can confirm this error. Not sure what happened, though. When I get home tonight I'll compare it to my local copy and see what's going on.

Also, I don't have any problem with you adding it to your SA package (which looks pretty cool, btw). After all, the whole reason I put this out there is for others to benefit from it. :-)

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Thank you for confirming my crc probs nitro322.

I used your installer version UniExtractor on itself to get the required SA files and minimal reg entries for context menus (I only wanted the basic reg entries for context extract files exe , msi , chm , hlp).

Incorperated UniExtract into SA Utils install package , Updated SA Utils thread to current version.

Trivial sugestion for your right click Context Menu maybe offer to have the 3 menu options under 1 main in a submenu.


UniExtract->Extract Files...
Extract Here
Extract Sub

As I said I was going to flog your prog last night and I did.

I was impressed with it's performance and it worked on more files then I expected.

Luv the .ISS it creates , takes the guess work out of finding reg entries :thumbup .

Great Work m8.

Very much appreciated THANK YOU.

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I created and uploaded a new copy of the self-extracting archive. I'm not getting any errors from this one, but I'd appreciate it if someone could confirm.

smashly, the installer does exactly what you describe by default. The "Enable Explorer context menu integration" only adds associations for native Windows extensions; specifically, this includes .exe, .??_, .chm, .hlp, and .msi. The "Associate Universal Extractor..." is what handles integration with other supported archive types. I don't particularly have a problem with you modifying the code, but it seems a bit unnecessary.

Btw, the source code for the installer is included in the source archive. You can download that from it's home page. No need to unpack the installer if that's all you want. :-)

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Confirmed , uniextract10_noinst.exe extracts without crc errors now ...all good :)

I did't wan't to modify your code nitro322, just curb it so to speak.

What I meant by the Context Menu is that when I right click an exe , msi , chm ,hlp that I would now have 3 new entries in my root context menu, add that to the other 13 other options I already have in the root of my context menu for those file assosiations from other progs and it's now starting to get very long.

I found 1 option to "UniExtract Files.." on the root of my Context Menu was sufficient for me.

I would like all 3 options but just not on the root of my Context Menu. But hey that's just my preference ;)

If I knew how to bring all 3 options into a submenu off the root of my context menu then I would leave all 3 options. No biggy anyways.

Your prog rocks for me as is. :w00t:

Keep up the great work :thumbup


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I found 1 option to "UniExtract Files.." on the root of my Context Menu was sufficient for me. I would like all 3 options but just not on the root of my Context Menu.

Ok, gotcha. I'd actually like to do something like this myself, but I don't think it's possible without writing a shell extension (.dll). Ultimately I'd like to get to this point, so that, in addition to grouping all options into one menu, I could also add the context menu entries to all supported filetypes without worrying about taking over their associations. Eg, when I double-click on a .rar file, it sill opens with WinRAR, but I have my UniExtract entries available should I need them.

Any care to work on something like this? It'a bit over my head, and I don't have a copy of Visual Studio (which I think is required for writing shell extensions), so it'll be quite a while before I'm able to do something like this myself.

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Yep your right nitro322 about you'd need to write a shellx dll to do what I was wanting.

FTM for my private use I hacked/hijacked a shelx dll from QuickMenu and customized it for SA Utils.

I have it so anywhere in windows I can right click and choose an option to open any of SA Utils progs.

I added shortcuts for all 3 UniExtract options as well , but the problem is those options are available on any file type which will give error if a user selects the wrong file type to UniExtract.

So now I have SA Utils on the root of my context menu , then in a sub menu off that I have all options of the programs in sa utils kit. It's rough but does what I need ftm. I won't release the hacked dll for the shellx because it's not mine to do so (Also if a user used QuickMenu as well as SA Utils there'd be probs , to resolve I'd have to change it's CLSID of the hacked dll). QuickMenu is a free shellx , but I don't think it was meant to be hacked/stolen by me. I'm only using it as tester for my own needs atm....lol.

I've no programing knowlledge what so ever. I've toyed with XSDK (Xbox SDK) , mainly for debug & capture features and that's about it. Hell I even have troubles writing a cmd file with If or For statements :blushing: .

I'll keep poking arround with it in my spare time. :yes:


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Very useful utility. I suggest adding some more formats, e.g.

- Generic Zlib/Flate-compressed streams (many "unknown" installers use Flate/Zlib compression, so this would be *very* useful)

- Nullsoft Installers (NSIS) + Bzip2 and LZMA compressions - open-source

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