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Windows XP SP2 updates and hotfixes


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MS04-024 is replaced by MS04-037. MS04-012 is replaced by MS05-051.

Just a quick note, 902400 (MS05-051) is replaced on XP SP1 and XPSP2 by 912817, the COM+ Rollup 13. There is a download page on the download center.


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OK. You're right. The KB839645 page doesn't say that it replaces KB841356 (which is why I kept it), but now I see the latter only contains an update for shell32.dll for which a newer version exists in the former.

I'll also update my pages to the 13th COM+ Rollup for XP and 2K3.


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Some new hotfixes for you Tomcat (for SP2)



We could go on with this forever. I prefer not to go too far away from what's reported on WU/MU.
919071 (replaces 904706)
That's nice, but it's only available in English. My list is intended for all users.
835409 is included in 912817 (same version number)
Thanks. I'll remove it.
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They aren't harmful as far as I can see and HFSLIP supports them. KB917730 I could recommend... You should decide for yourself if KB918766 is useful. KB919071 is recommendable for English systems.

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Tomcat and everyone: It seems Microsoft is ending support for XP SP1 and SP1a earlier than we thought. Instead of November 14, 2006, support will end on October 10, 2006.

I'm not sure of the exact source, but I first read it here. They provide a link to this page at Microsoft.

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