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98 SE SP 3.32


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Thanks Problemchyld for doing this.

The project had been apparently abandoned for far too long.

I do hope Gape's OK.

Thanks for picking it up and running with it.

I installed the last final version SP2.1a years ago, and have added a lot of other unofficial patches since then manually, including using the last version of Soporific's Autopatcher.

I don't think my system is now missing anything of importance so I probably won't install this SP version, but it's downloaded and waiting should I ever need to reinstall things!

Thanks again.



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Also want to say thanks PROBLEMCHYLD and to others who contributed. I just have a couple of questions ... I realize this is for a completely new install of Windows 98SE but I was just wondering if there could be much harm if a person did install this over an existing Windows 98SE setup ... or do you not recommend it? I was thinking of the additional fonts and maybe some newer updates. Also, one thing I did like in Gape's first SP2.1a version was the boot up screen ... showing Windows 98 Second Edition, instead of the MS "Windows 98" only screen. Did you carry that over into your new package? I didn't notice any talk about that but I may have missed it.

thanks again,

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If I remember correctly, the Windows 95 version of MS Paint works best with the graphic filters package and that seems to be the combination recommended by MDGx and other gurus around. You may want to get documented on this and maybe put back the correct MS Paint package. ;)

Unfortunately I don't have any clean machine to test this whole package on and the Virtual PC (or whatever that was) went down with my dead PM9MS motherboard. :(

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I don't know for what purpose Resource Hacker is included (it is not proposed in the INFEX.INI),

but FWIW, a new version is available which add the support for Png images & icons.

Resource Hacker: 3.6.0

I have KernelEx installed so I cannot be sure if it is working with the plain Windows 9x ;)

Resource Hacker is only used to patch the files. Thanks I will add the new version.

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1 font from Office 2007

Which one? I believe you can get Calibri and Cambria from the Word Viewer 2003. I think you can just extract them from the installer.

Nevermind, you have them both :rolleyes: I should have known you'd be on top of it.

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