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Volume Control - Now prettier!


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We've all seen this window before... the really big and ugly volume control window.


Guess what?!?!?! You can make it prettier!!! Simply press Ctrl+S to get this:


Neat, eh?

Alternatively, you can run the following command: sndvol32.exe /s

If you want the mini-mini window that shows up when you single-click on the volume icon in the task bar, run: sndvol32.exe /t

(To exit from that, simply click anywhere else outside of the window)


If you want to access the recording volumes, simply use the /r switch:

sndvol32.exe /r

sndvol32.exe /s /r


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"sndvol32.exe /s" changes it to the smaller display, but how to keep it small?

The next time I opened the volume control, it was back to large again.

Anyone know?

Try making it small by using the 'ctrl-s' buttons while having the sound control panelled maximised...

I did this and it works fine for me

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