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  1. Start Is Back - 2.1 release

    $3 is too much for you ?
  2. Win8 massage when try install bit-64

    You get a massage from Windows 8 ? Maybe it is worth buying after all.
  3. Microsoft is almost dead.

    Man, you're so full of yourself (and full of other stuff as well). Edit: this is no longer relevant after vipejc edited his post... It had a something in the lines of "I know everything about the soft- and hardware that I own. You can't be as awesome as me,..."
  4. Best Program to use Remote Assistance ?

    I find Teamviewer easy and painless for this type of thing. It's free as well.
  5. Windows 8 Developer Preview download available

    Thanks, I'm having a look.
  6. Windows Live Mesh: Program Settings

    You can select any folder to synchronize so theoretically you can already go a long way. You'll need to find out the settings for yourself though.
  7. Best method to get all latest updates for 2003 and XP x32

    It's what I use mostly. Pro : you can download all the hotfixes, sps, etc for different OSs and it'll update what it needs to. You can use it indepently of install method. con : larger size, not integrated
  8. How is Windows 7 Backup & Restore

    I'd like to add that 3rd party also can do incremental/differential backups.
  9. Taste the Cake (Portal Machinima)

    Nicely done
  10. Startup went from 42s to 30s. Until now, that seems to be the fastest it can go. It did crash however when it ran an additional step after the 6. Something about the user, I haven't taken the time to look at it, wierd, because I'm an admin on my pc. I'll give it another run when I have more spare time.
  11. For those who'd like to try it as well, I've put them here : http://www.filedropper.com/windowsperformancetoolkit for easy access.
  12. How much of an improvement are we looking at ?
  13. creating a backup Image of my System win7 X64

    It's going to take a while for people to get used to this. I've had no problems with backups made in win7 and I dont even bother with acronis anymore now. Shame it doesn't do incremental though. Otherwise it looks very promising : restore integrated in the installl DVD, very nifty. I'm using Ghost 14 now. A full every month and incrementals every week. It's not 100% compatible, they say so, but I guess it's because it doesn't recognize the sysboot partition. A reinstall and restore of the image should put back the pc to it's previous state, I guess.
  14. Vista X64...........Worth Moving To?

    Ah that explains it, it wasn't clear from your original post. Ah, I think you're referring to this quote from your expert Pete Guttman : "Separately, all the extra encryption required to meet Vista’s content protection standards means some computer components can never enter power-saving mode, he said. Thus, when you play a movie your CPU keeps running at full steam, he said. The extra power demands make it hard to reduce electricity usage." “It’s a bit of an extreme claim, but you could say Windows Vista causes global warming, because it’s burning so much power with all this nonsense,” http://www.networkworld.com/news/2007/0809...def.html?page=2 Reality has really caught up with this false statement. Despite what this mr Guttman says, there is no prove of any of that. As to the global warming thing : it's really, really farfetched to use that as a attention grabber. The other claims of Guttman also don't survive any real tests. If editing the policy, registry and installing non-ms apps to enable things is not hacking, then yes, it's not hacking. I consider it hacking though. Again : also consider the difference in license cost. Default installation is indeed a bit large. I used Vlite to remove unwanted languages and features that I won't use.