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Illuminated Keyboards


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I'm not one to hype a product out of the blue, but a package arrived 2 weeks ago from newegg w/ my new keyboard This purchase was one of the few i can honestly say I will be happy with for a long time to come.

I don't care for the illuminated keyboards in general mainly because the under glow was to bright (making it just as annoying as finding a key in the dark w/ only a dim monitor). Also, the design and workmanship is usually lacking since most get suckered into buying one just for the 'cool' light mod.

Finding a keyboard that actually lit the letters and lit them well was even harder to find since after searching around I found reference that this kind of lighting was patented and used mainly for military application (plus it's too expensive to get a keyboard made by those companies.)

I finally decided on a Saitek Eclipse PC Keyboard


Well Saitek has won my praise as this keyboard had 3 brightness settings, solid construction and responsiveness and is a bit quieter than most due to the keys being attached in a different method instead of the traditional keyboard method from what i read. (It is pretty quiet.)

The laser-cut lettering on the keys are lit, can be seen from all angles in the dark and the glow is pleasantly easy on the eye.

I'm by no means a light typer....I beat the hell out of keyboards and it has taken it without any problems so far. The laser cut lettering ensures that letters can't be rubbed off over time. I paid $47 and it was worth every penny.

I added to this keyboard some thin foam rubber matting under the keys for almost complete silence as well. (I laid it down in thin strips so the underglow still showed). Also, I had a bit of fun with my dremel and soldered a usb port on it's spacious side. If you can mod things in general, you could put a usb hub in it or a card reader w/o a great deal of difficulty.

Only a few things could make it better:

Only connection is usb, would be nice to have wireless or a real PS/2 connection

No ergonomic model available (This is really my only disappointment. Most people hate these keyboards anyways so I'm sure it's not a huge deal).

There is also a Gamers Keyboard geared for hardcore gamers that has gotten nothing but high praise in mod site reviews. The only downside is the lettering is not lit, though it does have under glow.

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im more than excited about the optimus keyboard.

no matter where you check, the only answer you get is that it will be released in 2006.

still, in the meantime, i figure dit couldnt hurt to throw 30 bucks (canadian) into a logitech media keyboard. im more than happy with it...

but its no Optimus.

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I'm not one to hype a product out of the blue, but a package arrived 2 weeks ago from newegg w/ my new keyboard This purchase was one of the few i can honestly say I will be happy with for a long time to come.

I spent a lot of money on keyboards last year after my M$ Natural gave up the ghost. Couldn't get used to any of them. Too many buttons, too few buttons, too ugly, reduced functionality, they all had something that stopped me from "adopting" them.

Then, I bought the Saitek and never looked back. I think it's shape is a little ugly, but in a way that a bulldog puppy is ugly and adorable at the same time. I like to work in the dark and after 20 years of geeking, I still can't touch-type. This sold my problem. I paid a lot more for it than you did, about $80 in Canada, but I've spent many times that in units that I ended up giving away so I consider it a bargain.

If something better comes out next year I'll consider it, but I've learned to not consider vapourware in my plans. This one will serve me well until something better does materialize.


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I got the Gamers Keyboard, and am more than happy with it. Had to get used to it not being on as much of an angle as the others, (almost flat), but overall I like it. Paid $100 australian for it.

It works well in games....Fear, Quake, Farcry, UT, RTCW, Doom3, etc. The game pad adds a few extra keys you can use for various bits, I give it a 7/10.

Still waiting for the Optimus though. :)


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man, i dont throw money for keyboards, for 2 reasons:

1-I cokeahollyk -every keyboard is FULL of coke because i drink coke & i often spill on it

2-If im getting mad, especially in games, the firs thing im possibile to hit is .......tha holy keyboard

.........so in dont throw money on keyboards

i will put some pictures with my keyboard but somebody tell me a link for uploading


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