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Customize your boot screen!


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Hi ppl,

This may be stupid question and i applogise in advance if it is - but here goes.

I have created and also downloaded some new boot ntkernals and have added them to the system i am using using the boot.ini method. On the system i am using it works perfectly, however on a custom image i am working on it is breaking the system.

Now i know it is the new kernal as if i change it back to the default it works fine, but as soon as i add the /kernal=mykrnl.exe it breaks. :)

Advise, suggestions?


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I want to make another pic BLACK fo the boot logo. Can I do it using the same palette for PS and Paint Shop Pro which is used to see the boot logo????

I am able to use the palette & see the boot image. Now how do I save the image again with the black colour thing covering it so that I can save it using Res Hacker???

Pls reply.

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hey all,

this is my first time on this forum so please help me out. I too want to customize my boot screen but just make it show my version of windows xp (professional). The thing is whenever i turn on my comp, it just shows Windows XP as a startup and does not say home or professional anymore (version info). The reason to this is because of SP 2, which i have. Does anyone know a way i can customize my boot screen logo so that it will also say "Professional" in the bottom? I appreciate your help. THANKS! :D


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I have tried the method mention above but my system will get restarted each time when i try 2 boot through that custom kernel. plz provide suggestion. also tell me way how can i change boot screen . i have downloaded boot editor. but it is not running. any metod of doing all tis provide me.

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The easiest way to change the boot logo is to add /bootlogo /noguiboot to your boot.ini file so that it looks like this:

[boot loader]
[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /noexecute=optin /fastdetect /bootlogo /noguiboot

Then, save your boot image as 4bit (16-color - any 16 colors) .bmp file, name it Boot.bmp and copy it into your windows folder.

I found this on Sysintrernals site, tried it and it works!

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I am confused. :) I was using this http://unattended.msfn.org/advanced/cosmetics/bootscreen.htm To try to integrate a custom boot screen into my XPCD. I think I'm getting confused on the single and multi kernel things though. My question is, if I use a program out there that makes a NewBootscrn.exe file (which I am thinking is the ntoskrnl.exe file with my custom boot screen in it), and then I rename it ntoskrnl.exe and compress it and slap it back into my windows source it should just work right? I shouldn't have to edit the registry should I? I did that, but for some reason I keep getting the regular xp bootscreen.

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I for one can't see the new boot I set, it's oemkrnl.exe placed in the system32 folder, and the boologo.cmd inside cmdlines.txt to apply it. But it's not working Old boot there.

be sure u have tested ur custom OEMKRNL.exe b4 trying it in virtual mahine.... once confirmed working put it ur system32 folder (in ur XPCD)... then create a cmd file and put this lines.... & rename it to BOOTLOGO.cmd

bootcfg /RAW /A /Kernel=OEMKrnl.exe /ID 1
bootcfg /Timeout 0

put BootLogo.cmd under ur $OEM$ folder... & call it in ur CMDLINES.txt like this..



this is much easier than the one on the Guide provided here


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