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UserImages.bmp in My pictures.


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Did some research and found that Nero is placing this image "UserImages.bmp" in "My documents" after EACH %#&%¤ run.



UserImages.bmp file is generated by NERO.EXE itself. It looks like BCGCBPRO730.DLL makes reference to this .bmp file. The BCGCBPRO730.DLL is produced by BCG Soft Ltd.

BCG Soft Ltd. market Control bars :


On their WEB site, BCG Soft indicates Nero AG is among their client. Now, what they want to do with this file remains a mystery.

This is EXTREMLY annoying, and if anyone can come up with a smart solution for preventing this. PLEASE LET ME KNOW!

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this may sound extremely stupid, but there doesn't seem to be any sort of fix on the net until nero updates and hopefully gets rid of it.

but my idea, is to run nero from a cmd file then after nero exits have it delete the userimages.bmp file.

i don't have nero but the cmd file would look something like this.. note that you have to change the path of nero, as i don't know the location of the exe.

For the My Documents:

start /wait C:\progra~1\nero\nero.exe

cd %userprofile%\my documents\

del userimage.bmp


For the Desktop:

start /wait C:\progra~1\nero\nero.exe

cd %userprofile%\desktop\

del userimage.bmp


name the cmd file nero.cmd and place it in your nero folder and change your shortcut to point to the cmd file insted of the nero.exe file.

hope this helps. it should delete the userimage after nero is exited.

oh and just a friendly reminder, you may get more replys if you post in the correct forum. :P

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From another board:

nero has a registry entry:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ahead\Nero - Burning ROM\Settings\WorkingDir

this seems to be the issue over here

to get it out of my way I created a temp dir in the nero installation folder and changed the registry entry for the entry above to:

C:\Program Files\Nero\Nero 7\Temp

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What about making a hardlink to something else on your C drive

I believe fsutil in winXP does hardlinks, as well as a 3rd party tool "CreateHardLink.exe"

switch to your Documents directory

Eg : fsutil hardlink create UserImages.bmp <full path to some other image on the same drive>

Then mark the file as read/system/hidden... then the app in question has a crap file to work with, and you don't see it ;)

Appears Nero 6 doesn't have this lovely spyware functionality.

And yes this really should be moved to "Software Hangout".

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@ Crash&Burn, some enlightenment ...


Any software that covertly gathers user information through

the user's Internet connection without his or her knowledge,

usually for advertising purposes. Once installed, the spyware

monitors user activity on the Internet and transmits that information

in the background to someone else.

I'm quite sure that UserImages.bmp isnt qualified to be defined as spyware.


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Well I'm pretty sure I didn't see any use for "smileys" in Nero 6.

Your saying you don't want them to incorporate a chat feature while your burning stuff?

A: what are you burning?

B: more porn

A: :thumbup

Who wouldn't want this feature in thier burning software?

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