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New IE Removal Fileset

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This set is a preliminary to see how it works out.


This is important: to use this fileset you need to:

1. download the files, expand into FDVFILES

2. download latest HFSLIP, a minor compatability fix with my files was added

3. run HFSLIP October 17th version, tell me how it goes

4. you probably have HFSLIP Oct 16th, so check step 3

5. thanks to tommyp, oleg_ii, and saugatak for all sorts of help

it works fine for me.

Here are some changes.

help files removed
wordpad and converters removed
POSIX subsystem removed
OS/2 subsystem removed
all bitmaps removed
reference to hticons commented out of HIVECLS.INF
optional components like accessability removed
all accessories like clipboard and packager removed, except for CALC and PAINT
defragger files removed from automatic installation in TXTSETUP
DFRG.INF has been rewritten to install Defragger separately (not installed by TXTSETUP any more)
MSHTML.INF has been rewritten to install MS HTML and Help system
AU.INF has been rewritten to install auto update, but needs MSHTML.INF
SHELL.INF has been rewritten to install a shortcut that's actually useful

IE.INF now installs an internet explorer dummy file
IEXPLORE.EXE dummy file Copyright Johnathan Howell of datafreak.org.

add/remove windows components has been added to Accessories

a few things i have to leave in for fileset users: MDAC, COM (COM, DTC have been removed from this test set to see how things go). a lot of my fileset users need these components for all sorts of obscure stuff as well as MDAC for databases... which i need too... so for sanity's sake, i am leaving this. as for COM and DTC, i guess that's up for you folks to tell me since i probably don't run all of the apps you do :P

P.S. hey! how's everyone doing on the logo contest???!!?

Edited by fdv

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FDV I tried your and TommyP's older fileset, not the latest you just posted, and could not boot on VM w/ COM taken out.

I'll try new one tomorrow, let you know how it goes.

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allright, good to know, thanks saugatak.

perhaps to prevent problems, uncomment the COM and DTC lines in SYSOC and try that. i am more interested in getting the other stuff ironed out anyway right now.

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I would like to run w/o COM but won't be able to test it for a couple of days.

Also, I had two logos created when photoshop crashed and killed my spirit. I'll try again in a couple of days when I get some free time.

Edited by TAiN

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TAiN - allright, thanks. Oleg_II and I have tried it. So far it works and has things removed people asked to remove and a few additions people asked for. I am mainly looking for compatability problems. Running without COM and trying out some of the major packages would help out. BTW general info, I will be available less next week because I'll be travelling on business but will be popping in nights (washington dc time).

Thanks all for help on this next version.

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FWIW - I typically remove COM+ when using NLITE and have absolutely no problems. I'm not sure if COM+ is the same as COM.

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I have a small issue that maybe the result of my own tweaking actually: IEXPLORE.EXE can't be found during installation. The popping window is trying to find it in my W2k\inf\i386 (?!).

And I checked - by this point it's already in "%Program Files%\Internet Explorer" folder. Something else calling for it at this strange path?

Anybody elso who tried has this issue?

And on my installation Volume Control seems to be missing.

As for COM+ I'm also interested because it takes some time for installing and configuring (at least there is shown during installation).

But in general the flight is going good :thumbup:

Edited by Oleg_II

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@Oleg, Have you been playing with that cmd reducing set?

Edited by tommyp

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No, I had 4 installation without reducing. But with my regestry tricks ;)

The files are on CD but they are not installed (sound volume).

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Check the guts of MULTIMED.INF. This is the INF that installs the sndvol.exe (the speaker icon) proggie.

Edited by tommyp

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OK folks, just did testing on latest HFSLIP (51017) using FDV's latest fileset.

First, a correction. Earlier I posted that the latest fileset would not boot up on my VM. Turns out it was not FDV's fileset, but a faulty VM. After deleting and re-installing the VM, FDV's fileset worked fine.

Second, here are the mods I made to FDV's fileset:

a. deleted wsh.inf (want windows scripting back for WordPerfect)

b. took out COM and DTC

c. took out defrag and wordpad

d. manually deleted all languages but Korean

e. manually deleted the WINNT and WIN9X upgrade and migration folders.

After HFSLIP and the above changes, SOURCESS was 225 MB, which includes 10MB of RyanVM's switchless Java update + 10MB for Korean. Since I think everyone would want the latest Java update (but most would not want Korean) I think it's possible to get SOURCESS to 215 MB, which is a pretty small install.

Third, FDV, it seems that the "System Tools" and "Entertainment" Start folders are empty now. I'm guessing that you're leaving them around so that if someone wants to put something back in, those folders will be available.

Fourth, I nLited SOURCESS, mainly removing drivers, Western European languages (all except English U.S. which can't be removed) and DRWATSON, which got SOURCESS DOWN to 200 MB. Again, removing Korean would get it down to 190 MB. Of course, you'd want to include Firefox, Thunderbird, IrfanView, WinMediaPlayer alternative and Unclean to replace the systems removed, but that adds only about 30 MB for 220 MB complete install, which leaves plenty of space to add tons of other utilities and programs.

Attached please find my nLite mods.

Here are the programs that installed and ran fine with DTC and COM removed:

1. Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint. No Outlook as FDV fileset removes OE).

2. 7zip

3. AdAware

4. BartPEBuilder

5. WinMedia, RealMedia, Quicktime open-source codecs and open-source Win/Real/Quick Alternative Player

6. CrapCleaner (DiskCleaner substitute and much better)

7. EasyCleaner (free reg cleaner)

8. Firefox & Thunderbird

9. IrfanView

10. Nero

11. nLite

12. nod32 (great anti-virus checker)

13. o&o defrag

14. Send To Toys (gives you lots of options on right-clicking file including command prompt)

15. TotalUninstall (takes a snapshot of hard drive and registry before installing a program, if you don't like the program, it will put hard drive and registry the way it was. Highly recommended before installing any Norton program, which treats the registry like a cat-litter box).

16. UnClean

17. WinFax

Acronis TrueImage installed fine, but one functionality, backup select files, did not run. Here's the error message I got: "missing MSVCP60.dll"

Not sure whether that dll is installed as part of COM. In any case, it's an easy fix to download that .dll and put it in appropriate folders.

Also, one program that generate a series of non-random numbers :whistle: didn't work.

The following programs require IE so I did not bother installing:

a. Quickbooks (installed, would not run, IEPatcher did not work)

b. Acrobat 7 (did not install, said IE 5.5 needed, IEPatcher did not work)

c. PaperPort Pro 9 (did not install, said IE4 needed, IEPatcher did not work).

WordPerfect (which is 1000x better than M$ Word btw) which I need did not install. nLite forums say it requires Windows Scripting Host. FDV, I emailed you about this issue.

CONCLUSION: I don't think you need DTC unless you run a database program. I think only a few programs need COM. I think it's safe to eliminate both of them. Even if you run into a problem, most likely, all you need to do is download and install a dll or 2 and that will solve it.


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I'm still having this strange bug - can't find IEXPLORE.EXE and offer me finding it in C:\WINNT\inf\I386 (?!). And IEXPLORE is in its folder - "%ProgramFiles%\Internet Explorer" :wacko:

It happens not when copying files but when registering components.


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@Oleg, I had a similar problem when installing FDV's latest fileset. The install asked where I wanted IEXPLORE.EXE and I had to make the C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer directory.

Not a big deal, but would it be possible to do it automatically?

@TommyP, on latest install, I put the \BIN and \GRE folders in \HFSLIP\HFEXPERT\WIN folder to install helpexplorer, didn't work.

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You just save my life :D Or my quiet night B)

I'm going to make another last try with the other HFSLIP version and if it doesn't work I just give up :(

FDV what could be the problem?

1. I have not altered files except for winnt.sif - I used mine but last time I even change something to be more compatible with your version of winnt.sif (changed my path according to yours).

2. I have not installed ANY program twice. Not helpfull.

3. I reduced my tweaks during unattended.

4. I have not used ANY reducing.

5. I tried new test-set with official HFSLIP release and the latest one.

Just don't know where I could do wrong :wacko:

Edited by Oleg_II

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