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HFSLIP, The 2K/XP/2K3 slipstreamer


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This is not normal as XibaD points out, at least not for the Spanish time zone update. Can you make a ZIP of HFSLPHIV.INF from SOURCESS\I386 and post it here?

I can only duplicate this behavior by changing the time zone edits from ANSI to Unicode but HFSLIP doesn't do that.

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Yes with that version it seems to work.

Isn't any problem that the update is the English version and for Windows 2003?

Edit: I think you changed from ENG to ESN ;)

The ESN version doesn't work. The same problem. But with the ENG version I think it works... I'm not sure. At least I don't have it in WUP list.

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I didn't edit the post, no. I had "displaylang=es" in the link from the beginning.

No harm is done to your system if you use the English time zone update. The only difference is that the descriptions are in English.

Well... I'm not sure what the problem is then. Can you zip HIVESFT.INF from SOURCE\I386 or SOURCESS\I386? Maybe that can give me a clue.

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Hmm... I'm having an issue getting silent installers renamed from their original names to their HFSlip'd names. As in, the original file name was 0_dotNET11SP1.exe, in the (HFGUIRUNONCE folder) but in I386 of the SOURCESS folder, it is changed to HFGUI1.EXE. The only problem is that the setup files still have the original file name, instead of the HFGUI1.EXE, so setup fails to load the files properly.

Attached is my hfslip.log, zipped up.


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