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[Release] Custom OOBE

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Its been a little while since I uploaded one of my Mods , so here is my latest.

Using XPero's and Blinkdts images to match my Xpize MCE theme. Simply drop these files into you i386 folder, Im hopeing that Xpero will work his magic and include something similar in the next version xpize

Here's a few screenies







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You need to add entries to your winnt.sif in order for oobe to run after the installation is complete, I think you need to have


UnattendSwitch = No

And no this wont affect WPI etc

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my xp is unattended,, i need to skip this step,, so this file doesn't mean anything for unattended installation.

also nothing special has been changed in the ... just few which is not cared very much...

must of the user say it's as usual..

try to make it hot and different

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