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Selfmade Autorun...


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Hey everybody!

First, I want to say THANKS to everyone out here that is helping with Tools and Stuff.

Today I just finished my first AIO-DVD, that hopefully makes my life as an administrator easier. I got almost every Windows Version on the DVD plus some Recovery Tools and a BartPE Version. The only really problem I really had was the Autorun, since I wanted it to be highly customizable, and that changes could be done within minutes without any additional software. I finally decided to create an autorun-menu with just an image header and footer that is loaded by the application itself and a browser window in the midst of it.

Now these are the results:



I am parsing the HTML Code for getting commands like "RUN" to run a program on the DVD (otherwise IE would show this Download Dialog) or "MKISO" to start a tiny wizard for creating the ISO Images. There is also the possibility to let a window popup where serials can be shown and copied.

Now what do you think?

If anyone should be interested in that menu, I could create a more customizable version and upload it...

Ah, and please excuse the German within the menu screenshots! ;)

Version 2 BETA 7 (Dec, 16th 2005)

+ major bugfixes

+ some new features added


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I was looking at your menu again and it looks really nice. I deffinately like the idea of being able to change the menu via the HTML document and such. Just out of curiousity, will you include all the icons and such with the program? heh... I think I'm just lazy to get them myself. lol... ;)

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Excellent! ive just spent the last 3 hours configuring this!

couple of questions, when you hover with the mouse, the text is highlited in a kinda bluish box, how do you change this colour, i cannot find it in the html anywhere.



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That menu in my demo is btw made with DHTMLMenu from Sothink. The color of the background of a selected item should be #B6C7DD. Search for it in the source and change it..

Btw: I would like to see some screenshots of what and how you have changed it ;)

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i will happily upload screenshots when i am finished. I have been editing your original html menu i have adding things i need to it - i plan to change the background and so aswell just looking at the menu builder software now.


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