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  1. Selfmade Autorun...

    is it possible you could upload the .pgt file you used to create the menu system, this would allow me to modify the menu ystem to my needs easily. hope you dont mind. cheers, Al.
  2. Selfmade Autorun...

    i will happily upload screenshots when i am finished. I have been editing your original html menu i have adding things i need to it - i plan to change the background and so aswell just looking at the menu builder software now. Al
  3. Selfmade Autorun...

    Excellent! ive just spent the last 3 hours configuring this! couple of questions, when you hover with the mouse, the text is highlited in a kinda bluish box, how do you change this colour, i cannot find it in the html anywhere. cheers Al.
  4. Hey, i just wanna say, ive just stumbled accross XPize and i think its stunning. im using the 2.1 uAE version. I have always hated the 2000 style icons in XP with a passion and this is just absolutely great work!!! I have noticed a couple of icons thta havent been changed though: Services window in the admin tools of control panel. The some icons in the services window stil use the 2000 style yellow cog icon, such as the window title and the console tree. Also in many windows similar to this, such as computer management and component services some of the console tree icons are distorted and the icons on the toolbar (back and forward) are also slightly distorted. Icons within windows regedit, the folders and keys, ths would be lovely if this could be changed. The icons within disk cleanup still use the old type windows 2000 icons and are highly distorted in xp for some reason. if these could be changed this would finish the package of lovely. I also use a laptop therefore i have noticed the power options tab, som icons have been changed whilst others havent. also the battery on the taskbar when running on batteries is a bit old. Also the pie chart in the disk properties, i read somwhere last night on this fourm that it cant be changed because it is dynamic, but the colours could possible be changed to a blue/white blue/gray style or something. Some other things ive noticed that could be done: -Disk Quotas tab, traffic lights icon here. -Phone and modems - modems tab - listen modems icon is 2000 style (i have a modem in my laptop) -Mouse properties window - change the mouse picture to a logitech ouse or microsoft one maybee. if in the next version these could be fixed this would be lovely. ive been waiting for a package like this for a long time. Im a bit skint at the moment but when i have money i would be more than happy to donate an amount to you for this (im a poor student at the moment, lol) Thanx again for some great stuff. Al.
  5. Hi, i have been giving this unnattended driver install a shot for some time now and finally got it to work!!! my wireless netgear card, sound, modem and my nvidia drivers installed with no problems. stright into 1280x960 32bit colour! now came to do a fresh install on my system, it needed it, this is why i decided to create an unnattended cd. to help me thorugh the process like. installed windows! but my Nvidia drivers did not install this time, it was in 640x480 and like 6 bit colour!!! weird huh?? and nothing has been changed on the cd because its on a cd-r! yes i have read the other threads in this forum about this, and heard somewhere that somebody noticed that the monitor drivers were not installed when the 640x480 8 bit colour problem came along. so i proceded and made a new cd (keeping the other one of course) with drivers for my iiyama vm pro 413 integrated into the cd. installed again but to no avail! also may i note, when i did re-installs a while ago ( it takes me 5 or 6 installs of windows to get things running the way i want them) i have noticed that when i used to install the nvidia drivers fron the executable package, i noticed sometimes the driver would ask me to install a monitor driver! plug and play monitor (windows's own driver) but other times it wouldent!! i think this has something to do with it!!! thought id share my experiences with you! regards Al.
  6. Anything you want added to the guide?

    hey, i just registered here! i have read your multi-boot dvd guide and followed it and got it succesfuly to work, but only with one operating system! lol could you please add to the guide how to add darik's boot and nuke, norton ghost and true image 7.0 bootable rescue media into the bootable dvd. i have these on bootable cd's this is why i am stuck. this would be of great help!! cheers Al.