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internet explorer 7 beta 1 !


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i searched the forum but found nothin so started one,

anyone downloaded the internet explorer 7 beta?

is it worth downloading or not? anyone using it?

post some information please,


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the google and yahoo toolbars have been tested and they work

they work for me anyway

yahoo does work just not to it fullest

and search does work you can choose - msn/google/ask jeeves and more

it wont work if you use the .local work around install

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Infected from what

I've had a hell of alot more problems with firefox than IE

I have NEVER got any virus through ANY browser

I only had the Blaster Worm and Sasser and (I cant remmeber the other name)

Seriously the only people who get infected thru browsers are people that are stupid enough to download virus's or install activex controls (THAT NEED USER INTERACTION - SO ITS NOT IE's FAULT ITS THE USERS - Also many sites have firefox extensions that are bogus as well now)

So you find me proof that Internet Explorer can infect people with no reason given than i'd gladly use the pathetic excuse for a browser firefox - that popularity is draining out anyway not long until they give up on the program anyway - like most others - the only browser that come even close to IE is Opera but its not free

So i dont think you should be telling people not to download it because YOU dont like it ok its your opinion let them find out on their own ok

I say if you want to try BETA softwar eand understand the risks THAT WILL BE FIXED than i say do so at your own free wil

As for the FF vs IE it needs to stop its pathetic and annoying now ok seriously!

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As for the FF vs IE it needs to stop its pathetic and annoying now ok seriously!

You are sooo right. WTF cares? And you are correct that browser is only as safe as the person using it.


If your favorite browser was erased from every hard drive in the world while you were sleeping, could you not just pick up where you left off with another one without skipping a beat? It's just a tool to view web pages, not something to get all passionate about like a game or programming language.

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Bypass Windows Genuine Advantage check in IE7 (beta)

This Windows Genuine Advantage stuff is already starting to aggrivate me, especially since I don't have a live connection available on some of my testing boxes. Here's how to unofficially bypass this check...

1. Extract IE7-WindowsXP-x86-enu.exe with WinRAR (or anything that works) to a temporary directory.

2. Open update\iecustom.dll in a hex editor.

3. Navigate to hexadecimal offset 0x1034h(4148 decimal) and change 0F 95 to 0F 94.

4. Save and execute update.exe.

5. Enjoy.

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Well, I also agree...

When you compare browsers, IE is more secure than any other (except Opera, but maybe it is because there are not enought users, who knows)...

However it have problems (including IE7) with user friendly interface for IT Pros... I mean like keyboard shortcuts, customization etc...

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