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  1. Thank you Patrons except there is no place to configure this on the Exchange server, other than installing Outlook on the server and doing it there, but that will work similarly to how it is on a remote computer. I opted to just create a custom reply using the resource booking agent so when someone books that resource, the resource booking agent sends back a custom reply with the required information. Thank you.
  2. I received a request today to add some instructions to the description field of an Exchange 2010 room calendar. What I mean is, when you right click on the calendar, click properties, you get the Calendar Properties dialog box and there is a description field available. Now, I have full control over this mailbox/calendar and I can enter the instructions into it but it never leaves my outlook client. It never goes to the server and it never shows up on anyone else's outlook client. I've attached a screen shot of the dialog box in question. Anyone have any idea how you can change this, permanently? Thank you in advance!
  3. No sounds.. but it does give history... and its free to use if you are monitoring no more than 10 devices.. I use it to run pings to my firewalls at my overseas offices..... it works..
  4. yeah.. use QOS if you can and make sure you have your numbers right.. dont get your megabytes and megabits mixed up. Another method you could try is to use NetLimiter http://www.netlimiter.com/ It allows you to throttle your bandwidth based on exe.. so you can say... robocopy.exe.. you only get 1mbps
  5. what drivers are you trying to use and have you installed them on your Windows XP x64 machine yet? (Oracle, Firebird, mysql..... )
  6. you want backlinks.. get your site linked on many other sites and it will get crawled. Hit up http://forums.digitalpoint.com/ That is the forum you want to be asking this question on. Infact.. its already been answered on there many times. There are people offering in some cases free links on their front page in exchange for links on your page. Because your site really doesnt have any real content to offer, you want backlinks.. Then, once more people start going to it and writing stuff up you will have more content to be indexed. What kind of advertising have you done?
  7. No, you cannot set this per application. You would have to have one which is the default for everything and that would be your normal default gateway(which should probably be your broadband card) Then you need to find the ip address/s that outlook uses and do a route add from the command prompt for that network route add (mailserver IP) mask (mailserver subnet mask) (Broadband gateway) metric 2 route add mask metric 2
  8. Nice.. Now I just need the official volume license copy to come out. We've been holding out upgrading out Exchange 2003 environment for 2010.
  9. Defiantly go with the latest and greatest. Server 2008 R2 and depending on when you deploy this... Exchange 2010. There is no reason NOT to go with it if you are requirements other than "you are unfamiliar with them" Isnt that always the case with new software anyways.. And embrace x64. everything MS is coming out with now is x64 and there is a great reason behind it. So I would say just get used to that, things are good enough with it now where you really wouldnt notice to much of a difference between x86 and x64 As far as your remote sites.. you should be more than fine with the connection you have to your remote office... I have 2 remote sites, one in Belgium and one in Shanghai with about 40 users at each site(about 300 at the main site) and we are still running off Server/Exchange 2003 using cached mode over 2mbps links.. Now.. I would not say that is an optimal setup by any means, we are gearing up for exchange 2010 once it is released but it works, and users arent complaining. Now.. your upload speeds are a little slower at the main branch but you also have half the amount of people so you'd prolly be alright..
  10. Correct me if I'm wrong.. and it has been a very long time since I messed with SBS.. but cant you only have one DC in a SBS enviroment?
  11. Yes.. MS offers the dsadd utility. I only used it in a MS class like 7 years ago and never used it since so I dont know the exact command line for you but here's the spec sheet and options http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library...279(WS.10).aspx
  12. no, it will just say a subdirectory or file \\server\users\username already exists and exit to the next line. One part I didn't really think of though is you will then need to set permissions on each new folder otherwise everyone will have access to everyones stuff.. I guess what I would do is actually how I ran things at my last place.. Redirect everybody's My Documents to the server and just tell everyone to save stuff there. That way you can just map it like you wanted to do (via \\server\users\%username%) and it will automatically create the folder like you want.. Also, one thing I noticed in my time is if you give users a mapped network drive they still might not use it.. but if you redirect their my documents.. that is where they just naturally save everything anyways.. so you dont really need to train your users any different.. SO yeah.. i change my mind.. I would redirect their my docs
  13. This can be done via group policies and other registry hacks and what not.. But what your explaining is Citrix. Hands down.. thats what you need to accomplish this cleanly.
  14. My favorites are Server 2003 and Windows 7. I am just still sooo comfortable with Server 2003. I know everythign about it and where everythign is in it.. Server 2008 changed a lot and I like it, but am just not as familiar with it, which should be expected since it is soo new.. And 7 is just soo nice and fluid. Not slow at all, it is everything vista was supposed to be and more.
  15. it will be automatically created if you map the drive using active directory or redirected profiles/folders, not if your running a net use command I would try running a mkdir \\server\users\%username% then put net use u:\\server\users\%username% that way it will make the folder first.
  16. its not compatible with 64bit resources.but it does work on 64bit systems.
  17. I always use ResHack http://www.angusj.com/resourcehacker/
  18. You have a couple of options 1) Setup an PPTP VPN server using Routing and Remote Access. Obviously configure your firewall to allow this type of connection. Enable remote desktop on their machines either via group policy http://www.lazynetworkadmin.com/knowledgeb...ia-group-policy or via a script http://lazynetworkadmin.com/knowledgebase-...remote-computer 2) You can run Windows Live Mesh. Have everyone setup their own account, have them install it on their home PC and their work PC. Viola.. Not sure what kind of filtering you have at your work place but most webfilters show this as P2P traffic which can sometime bee seen as a pain. 3) Purchase a server and Terminal Server licenses and run a terminal server. No problem funning 50 at a time.. Just build the server with enough power. This can be somewhat cumbersome with licensing requirements and server lockdown but functional none the less 4) Purchase Citrix XenApp server an a server and a publish only the applications you want them to have access to. Makes for a much more secure "Terminal Server" enviroment. 5) Yes Server 2008 does have some neat Terminal server features but if I am not mistaking, this will only work with server 2008 R2 and Windows 7 ONLY. Not sure if that works for you or not but that would be a nice way to go.
  19. Thank you Tain and Nerwin It isn't necessarily a change of direction. We just dont seem to do as much scripting and automation as we once did. Thing have really slowed on the site the last 2 years since him and I switched jobs and stopped working with each other. He's had a couple of kids and I have a couple on the way. We're just trying to get content up there again.. At first we were just really scripting unique scenarios. We still intend on doing that but we are just trying to broaden our horizons a little. Gonna try to do some how-to's, Top 10 lists, Product and Service reviews, I've been working with SharePoint quite a bit recently and he's been doing a lot with VMware so we hope to get some of that information out there. Hopefully there will be some better things to come, we both really enjoy doing it, its just sometimes hard to find time to write a good meaningful script/article, because that is what we both DONT want, is just any old information. We want good information. Probably gonna start up a forum soon too, just gotta decide whether to dish out for vbulletin or just use phpbb.
  20. I dont remember the exact scenario, but our remote locations could not connect using the NLB IP to our web servers. As it turned out it was a problem with arp resolutions and we had to make a static entry in our routers to map the addres. Here is the command for a cisco router arp [iP Address] [MAC Address ARPA] so that would be like arp 03bf.5900.641e ARPA Like I said.. I dont remember the exact reasoning for this anymore. i would have to look it back up.. but the scenario was the same. Everyone could hit each individual IP but only the local clients could connect to the NLB IP
  21. I've been running this website for quite a few years now and I know some of you already know about this site but I figured I would share it here. It all started with the idea that sometimes simple information was just too hard to find. I wanted to create the site where I would post up this hard to find information. It has evolved since then just a little and we are just trying to post up ANY useful information now and not just hard to find information. Well .. Anyways .. Here's the site http://www.lazynetworkadmin.com Check out the knowledge base, Hope you find it useful. Also.. as I try to further this site.. I am looking for feedback.. Let me know what you think and where you think I can improve. Comments and suggestions. Thanks in advance, ~Daniel Frei
  22. When you said you were "Fixing your computer", what were you fixing it from. I had a similar problem when fixing my brothers computer. I replaced his failed hard drive, imaged it and copied it over to his new hard drive. I spent hours doing boot logging and reading logs and everything and nothing came out of it.. a quick repair installation took care of it though.. So yeah.. might be a hard drive issue??? What happened since the last time it worked and now?
  23. You must create a cluster resource for the physical disk before you can add it as a dependency to your share. Have you made the physical disk a cluster resource?
  24. DFS as fizban said is a good way to distribute it over multiple servers and is built into windows. If you were looking for something on the hardware end then I would recommend Dell PowerVault's, depending on how much data you need to hold, the MD1000 would be a great place to start.
  25. We are trying alternative solutions. We have partnered up with a company local to me which just so happens to do business in China. They are looking for another company to alleviate some of the cost of a straight point to point connection they are adding from their office to Shanghai. (crazy we are right down the road from them) They have apparently been having issues of recent also. This should alleviate some of our problems, atleast with connection reliability. I have been over and back on every connection, interface, device, cable from our server room to their office. We have replaced hardware and still nothing. I have even monitored their connection, (we have about 10,000 dollars worth of cisco equipment behind that modem) bandwidth and device utilization. No errors anywhere. I have contacted ATT and have been over and back with them and they have everything validated from our equipment to the router before it goes across the ocean. The only thing i have not been able to validate is China Telecom to the modem. However, my biggest problem is I cant just go to the executives of the company and say, It has to be that, it cant be anything else. I have to find out what is wrong. I cant just assume unfortunately. So anyone from China still come to these forums. I know I have helped some out in the past.. Where did you all go???

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