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internet explorer 7 beta 1 !


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Opera is now entirely ad free. It has also been said in many articles that operas market share is rapidly growing and is nearly on level pegging terms with FF.
If you realise the date i wrote that you will see opera wasnt free at the time!
I have also had friends who have been using IE get infected by virus's simply by clicking links on webpages, now tell me thats not a big problem

What sites were they? Was that IE6 Or IE7Beta what this topic is on

If it was IE6 thats irrelevant to the topic really.

If it was IE7 than its beta software what do you expect!

Also i have tested out IE7 Beta 1 and i must say although the tabbed feature of it is worthwhile the rest of it is a complete disaster, whoever came up with the new design layout should be shot.

Once again it is beta and layout will change and be changeable!

If you wish people to be shot then you are a very mean person!

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I don't doubt that shooting someone based on their bad layout designs is cruel, but what he said about his friends receiving viruses just by going to a site is absolutely true. No wonder they call it drive-by downloads :D.

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anyone know if ie7 has "zones" like previous versions?
FireFox will always be safer than IE6 for the simple reason that more people use Internet Explorer, which makes IE the bigger target for hackers.

from my site:

Ohhh yeah. Have you ever heard this one?

"IE only has so many exploits because it has a 90% market share. If Firefox were that popular (we are told excitedly) then there would be just as many exploits."

To be fair, if you bought into this nonsense, Google a little bit about IE's problems letting things "leak" from the Internet Zone into the Local Machine Zone. Do other browsers allow access to the Local Machine Zone? (Hint: NO). Do other browsers run all of the ActiveX Controls that IE does? (Hint: NO).

zones were the major flaw in ie's previous versions. all of the MICROSOFT security advisories related to ie dealt with trying to keep the internet from crossing into the local zone via the system DLLs. non-ie browsers don't deal in zones. they can't act as activex containers. they don't have system DLLs like WEBVW.DLL or HSHTML.DLL that could allow html buffer overflows, permitting code to execute locally.

(btw, as for people bashing ie... it kind of reminds me of a saying that pops up on slashdot occasionally. if an admin or someone knowledgeable tells you not to do something, it's probably better to stop what you're doing and ask why rather than hitting 'reply' and posting that they're wrong. there is a possibility that they may be telling you from experience, and you are repeating things that "everybody just knows," like the capital of kansas is kansas city. of course it isn't, but it's what a lot of people say. repeating it doesn't make it true, and repeating the Internet Explorer Is A Target Because Of Its Popularity Myth doesn't make ie secure.)

IE7 Beta 1 does have 'Zones'.


Opera 8.5 has a serious flaw. And after ten years, can this be forgiven.

If you save a web page, say to your desktop, in IE or FF you get a html file AND a folder with all the images, sub- folders, etc. OPERA saves the html file AND every other files individually. Scattered all over your desktop!!!!! :angry:

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