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  1. You can bypass WGA legally to install updates with a MS OEM tool though
  2. I got this printer for free, but it had been sitting in my brothers car, in Ohio tempatures for a week, plus it could of not been used in years, I don't know. I'll see if i can get new toner + drum kit.
  3. I printed a blank sheet, and it still had black s**t on it.
  4. I ran the Brother 'Printer Information' applet and this was the result. Printer's ID :MFG:Brother;CMD:PCL4,PJL;MDL:HL-1440 series;CLS:PRINTER; Version :"Brother HL-1440 series:84UZ32:Ver1.03" Drum Life :90.0 % Page Counter :1595 Drum Counter :1595 Maintenance Data :MZ-L1000014000000
  5. I got it from my brother, and he got it from the tenants of our rental house. He was going to blow it up. Do you think that getting a new drum would help?
  6. I hope I could get a rig like that someday... *dreams* Whats the total cost of that rig?
  7. I got a Brother HL-1440 Personal Laser printer for free. It warms up, I put paper in and it prints fine, but there is black toner residue covering the whole page. Heres a scan of a printout sample I dont know what else to do. Can anyone help me with fixing this? The printer was manufactured in September 2002, if that helps.
  8. Thanks, I am gonna install W2k in VPC in a seccond to try this out
  9. click on Start, right click on 'My Computer' icon in the menu, select Show On Desktop
  10. I havent posted for a looooonnng time, and I thought that I would reintroduce myself. I'm Fireware from OSBetaArchive, TechOwnage, and a whole slew of little forums. I'm going to try to post more now that I have lots of time
  11. 1. what OS are you using Try to reinstall IIS using your install CD
  12. how do i reconnect the contacts?
  13. ahhh! I reset the OS, but now it says firmware problem
  14. the screen doesn't appear to be cracked. I did not power it on for a long time, as I did not have the power adapter. Before the battery needed charged, (and it sat) the screen worked fine.
  15. holy s***! why would you need that many monitors?
  16. I have a Creative Zen Xtra Mp3 plaer. There is a probem with the screen. There is a bar that is blocking the top half of the screen , making it so I can't see the track name. or anything else on the top. is there a way to fix this
  17. Microsoft Virtual PC Free 45-day trial or VMWare Register for a trial serial # then Download VMWare Workstation 5.5
  18. My bro is buying another HD, this time a 250GB to add to his existing 80GB. He wants to spend under $100. I found thison newegg. Is it a good deal? ~ Fireware
  19. I'm torn between Opera 6, IE6 and FF 1.06 Right now I'm using Firefox. just installed ie7, sucks really bad but cant uninstall it. Opera 8 is free yesterday and I got a code. w00 h00
  20. 512? Are you sure you want that low amount on a new(er) pc?
  21. [quote name='Sakhat' date='Jul 4 2004, 02:56 AM']Hey. Is Bittorent realy secure? I downloaded Azurerus but didnt install yet. I am a little scared to use it. Cuz once i got warning from my ISP that i downloaded illegal stuff but that was from DC++. Then i switched to another ISP. WELL I need to download Longhorn 4074 Beta, but i don't wanna risk. I am just wondering is it easy to trace what i am doing and downloading with bittorent(azureus)? I hope it doesn't create LOGs, with what i got caught on dc++!!! I have Westell 2200 DSL Modem, and does any one know does it store logs? And how can I clean them? And last question. I had Cable before. And I dont know how they scanned my HDD. Who scanned my HDD - MY ISP or 3rd Party? Cuz there was problem when i typed serial in one s***tish program and i got big screen: You've been using pirated key! We got your IP (they realy did) and report to you ISP. Your ISP is ................." So that's what happened. Who did it that program or my ISP scanned my PC? If ISP didn't  so nothing bad, cuz they don't care what I am doing and downloading. All my friends are downloading. I just can get rid of all spywares by reinstalling windows and no-one can trace me then, i mean 3rd party. P.S. - Sorry Admins, Moders and owner of this forum. Maybe it's not ok that i am posting something like this, with illegal stories. But that's true. WE ALL EXIST OF P2P. Thanks for reading and spending time. [right][post="148710"][/post][/right][/quote] do you really need lh? If you really need it I could point you to some ftps, but that might violate the rules. /me goes to check the rules...
  22. I used xp with 384mb ram for 6months b4 i got my 2k licence and it ran fine. i even played gta3, ut2k and crazy taxi on it.

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