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What Are You Listening To?


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Glen Benton FTW. Joey Jordison's in it too.

I saw him when I saw Deicide. I know a couple people that knew him before that now. Kinda neat.

for me:

KMFDM - Juke Joint Jezebel [Metropolis]

It took me quite awhile to find a video with the correct song in it. A lot for this remix (and even the original) on Youtube are the wrong version.

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I'm currently listening to the cooling fans from three servers :rolleyes:

I had that earlier today at work! Fortunately today only 2U servers. Those 1U fans are really loud with the cover removed. And in case anyone is wondering, when the servers are in my room, we disable the chassis intrusion alarms! Then it would be worse!

Frank Zappa - Hot Plate Heaven at the Green Hotel

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