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WMP10 Complete Slipstream

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yes u can add the wmplayer.ex_ to ryan's wmp pack...

actually u can add the whole newWMP pack except audiodev.dl_ cause this file  is already in wmp.cab from ryan's wmp pack.

Hi boooggy!

What about with wpdsp.dl_ because in wmp10.cab from ryan already have one (WPDSp.dll)


i saw it now and edit that post.

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These are the files that are different from Ryan's pack

msscp.dll KB902344 August 22, 2005

qasf.dll KB896096 April 12, 2005

wmasf.dll KB896097 April 26, 2005

All of which are in i386 and not in the WMP10.CAB

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So what does that mean OrcoXP?

Those are the only files that need to be updated...and dropping the other files in won't make any difference.

Audiodev.dll & WPDSp.dll are both in WMP10.CAB and adding them into the i386 folder just uses up a little more space...but these versions are already there.

The other ones are pointless...except wmplayer.exe which appears to have a new icon.

Also you may want to add the appropriate CAT files.

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Thanks for the replies!

It looks like HFSLIP now slipstreams WMP10 into XP included in slipstreaming the HotFixes. I just tried it and it seems to work.

I was wrong in an earlier post where I said that HFSLIP supports RyanVM's packs :blushing: Sorry about that. It does work with Ryans's .NET fix pack though.


What does your pack, and Ryans WMPaddon pack do for WMP10 btw? It was so long ago that I read this whole thread that now I can't even remember. I got so focused on making it work that I forgot about the WHY? LOL

Now I have to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of this way vs. HFSLIP

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no as long as the final result is a .cab file.....

my pack brings updated files to the wmp. so after install u have the latest files provided by m$ for wmp10.

Edited by boooggy
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wmp.reg is the my personalized settings for wmp10. u can use it or not. actually u can create your own.


depends on what method u use

1. u use the slipstreamer. first step is to copy your xpcd to your hard drive let's say on drive d:\. then u can run the slipstreamer 3. after the slipstreamer finishes add my pack to d:\xpcd\i386.it will ask u if u wanna overwrite the files. u choose yes to all. that is it....

2. u use Ryan's wmp10 addon. u extract using winrar this addon to a empty folder.then u add the files i specified into one of myy previous posts from here. after this u recompress. i used for this picozip cause it can compress .cab.

Thank u very much boooggy.

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I apologize if this has already been mentioned in this forum. I did not read all 52 pages. :whistle:

It should be mentioned that this slipstream should be done before anything else, if you are using the MSFN Unattended Guide and have choosen to integrate the hotfixes or to use the svcpack.inf method.

If you integrate the hotfixes first this slipstreamer will un-integrate all you have done and you must start over.

I wouldn't call it a bug, but people should know the sequence before they use it.

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If you integrate the hotfixes first this slipstreamer will un-integrate all you have done and you must start over.

That's really strange because I've used it just the opposite way you say and Windows

Update List, has always shown they are still there and WU never has said they weren't??

use nLite to integrate RVM's full pack

remove components

run slipstreamer

add boooggy's update

make iso

never a problem.........


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well bones

i asked him what updates he is talking cause he might integrate the updates needed for wmp 10 before. so it is normal that after the wmp10 slipstreamer that updates are not integrated....

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I pulled out my MSFN Unattend guide. I am not using nLite. I followed all of the steps and chose to integrate the hotfixes that I have downloaded myself. I used the Start - Run - c:\hotfix.exe /integrate:c:\xpcd method. I went through the entire list. I then went in and looked at my svcpack.inf file and all looked normal.

One of the next steps in the guide is to add MP9 or 10. I choose this slipstreamer. I told it to start. It finished a little while later successfully. I then went back in to look at my svcpack.inf file and it was simply gone. I then had to go back through the whole integrate process again. All was well after that.

So to answer your question: All of the updates

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