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  1. Winamp 5.092

    New winamp out now. Hope on a MSI file of this soon Link Download full Download lite
  2. Any that know was I can find reg-key? not in regedit
  3. MSN Messenger 7 + Patch + MsgPlus

    muiz goback to page 3 you find it
  4. Photoshop CS2

    I have a problems left after the installation. Read me comes up once the installation is ready I have the MSI the file from here, this works very good. But I want to skip it last that displays click for read me
  5. silent install of open office 1.1.4

    This works fine for me. WPI: prog[pn]=['Open Office 1.1.4 swe'] uid[pn]=['OPENOFFICE114'] cmd1[pn]=['%cdrom%\\Install\\Applications\\OOo1.1.4\\setup -r %cdrom%\\Install\\Applications\\OOo1.1.4\\response.txt'] cat[pn]=['Office'] pn++ response.txt: [Environment] InstallationMode = INSTALL_NORMAL InstallationType = STANDARD DestinationPath = c:\Program\openoffice StartProcedure = MyStartProc EndProcedure = PostSetup [Windows_Desktop_Integration] Register4MSWord=False Register4MSExcel=False Register4MSPowerPoint=False RegisterAsDefaultHTMLEditor=True [Procedures] Sub MyStartProc ShowSetup End Sub Sub MyEndProc HideSetup DefuseRestart(True) End Sub [Java] JavaSupport = preinstalled_or_none
  6. How to get ACDSEE.msi?

    Use admin install /a
  7. MSN Messenger 7 + Patch + MsgPlus

    It's simple that update and do a self. You Decompresses with winrar in foldern exists a filder Program Files, bootstrap.exe & MsnMsgs.msi In foldern Program Files\MSN Messenger plasera you your updated files that is installed on your computer that you finds in C:\Program Files\MSN Messenger Copy all files from C:\Program Files\MSN Messenger to Program Files\MSN Messenger that you shall repack Create now a sfx with winrar Setup=MsnMsgs.msi TempMode Silent=1 Overwrite=1
  8. MSN Messenger 7 + Patch + MsgPlus

    Swedish & Norwegian MsnMsgr7.0.0813Silent no switch Mess.beg games Enables several rows on scrn Delete the button my page, msn today Delete reklambanners Delete bottommost text banner 500 characters Download Swedish update with Plus! 3.54.132 Norwegian Not update English update with Plus! 3.54.132 Version1: - Polygamy, No Banner Ads, Tabs, Action Pane, Search, etc Version2: - Polygamy, No Billing Information, Idle/Away Distinguish, No MSN Spaces, Mess.be Custom Games, Multi-line Nicknames, Systray Sign-In Status, No MSN Logo, Messages > 500 chars, No extra Buttons, No Gleams, No Search bar, No Advrt Bar, No Premium Services, No Search Button, No Text Banner English version 1 English version 2
  9. TvTool silent and registered - help

    TVtool 9.7 This is a NSIS installer Silent switch is Setup.exe /S /D="C:\TVTOOL" /NCRC
  10. Winamp 5.0.9 MSI Rebuild Release

    Thank you good work
  11. Battery and 16-bit subsytem issues

    Now have I test with the same method on my XP Home without batt.dl_ works super. My XP SP2 home swe retail. Shall try once to with my XP SP2 pro without batt.dl_
  12. Battery and 16-bit subsytem issues

    Yes I have orginal batt.dll with the same wrong. tried that swap all except batt.dll the same
  13. I have also the same problems. None nLite. But I have change files that I got from XPize uAE 1.1.exe
  14. Battery and 16-bit subsytem issues

    A small problems. My windows whines if that there is something with battery problems when I have change files that the have created in foldern i386. I have windows xp pro sp2 swedish Can the problem solve himself with XPize uAE 1.2?
  15. Omega Ati Driver

    Hi there! Thought question any if help. Omega ATI Driver silent installing. Any that knows how? Any that has tried that install quiet?