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re: kb885835 & kb885250

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Has anyone found a solution to this, they seem to be mutually exclusive. If either one is integrated the other will not integrate.


Mrxsmb.sys 5.1.2600.2541

Lsasrv.dll 5.1.2600.2525

Rdbss.sys 5.1.2600.2541


Mrxsmb.sys 5.1.2600.2598

And both are required to have no updates show on windowsupdates after an install.

EDITTED: (faster yet, warrax & anonim1979) EDITTED: (Shorter and including warrax's comments that order matters)EDIT: (moved fix here)

Barring M$ coming out with a solution try this:

Full Instructions:

Start with install which includes sp2 slipstreamed only no other hotfixes integrated.

the integrate kb885835.

edit HFINT.DAT file in i386\svcpack folder to this:








integrate all of the other patches including kb885250.

then reopen i386\svcpacks\HFINT.dat and delete '.keep'

save HFINT.DAT. and build your iso. The integrate process already puts the entries into the svpack.inf file and since we never moved it the second integration process just appended to what our first integate left behind.

So burn and install away.

ADDED (2/25/05)

The attached CMD script will integrate SP2 and all of the hot fixes located in the same folder. It just uses the integrate switch and after integrating KB885835 it modifies HFINT.DAT as noted above and then integrates the rest of the hotfixes then returns HFINT.DAT to its correct format.

To Use: (see here, for source and additional details)

leave SP2 named WindowsXP-KB835935-SP2-ENU.exe

rename hotfixes to kbxxxxxxx.exe

change second line in update.cmd from set=h:\bootcd\working to the location if you cd creation directory.

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Ice the only way i was able to integrate all the new hotfixes

was to make a new Base XP + SP2

i use Nlite to integrate the hotfixes. If u can wait about 35 mins I am uploading all the hotfixes to rapidshare 17.4 MB

create a new XP + SP2 and use nlite to integrate the hotfixes.

this one works tested already.

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M$ really s***s!

I always start out from scratch with each build just so I don't run into issues like this.

@astalavista -Unfortunately I can't use nlite, due to company policy. Have to do it the M$ way, which doesn't work, and I've written my own cmd script to integrate them anyway. I've got the updates these just don't cooperate.

@simonsays -Just trying to make my life easier, which it was sine SP2 until this batch of updates.

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echo off
start /wait sp2.exe /integrate:e:\xpcd\working /q
for %%U in (kb*.exe) do (
    echo Applying hotfix %%U
    start /wait %%U /integrate:e:\xpcd\working /q

Just keeping it simple.

Rename the desired hotfixes and put in the same directory with the above script.

Obviously this only does hotfixes which work with the integrate switch. the other updates I install via RunOnce.

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I found this on google

I was just wondering what is going on and why the /integrate command does

not work as expected. To get around the problem until a solution is

discovered, I extracted the update files using the /x command manually

integrated KB885250 into the installation files.

I am not sure, but wonder if it is somehow related to the mrxsmb.sys file

that is being updated by KB885250. Note that KB885835 / MS04-044 updates the

mrxsmb.sys file as well, but KB885250 contains version 5.1.2600.2598 - which

is the newest version.

Thank you. I hope a fix can be found.

can we repack the kb to sfx instead?

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