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Microsoft Windows AntiSpyware (Beta).


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Notice the website also recommends this:
For prevention, install IE-SPYAD and Spyware Blaster.
-- something i've always pushed: the latter has a sister app SpywareGuard....., which i use instead IN Combo with Spybot Immunize.

Exact setup I use. I have GIANT software (cough, microsoft developed) installed just for redundency, however whenever I have GIANT beta scheduled it does not pick up any spyware as SpyBot/Blaster/SpyGuard pick up everything.

Thumbs up to SpyBot/Blaster/SpyGuard

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same here Epic.... & i surf dubious sites for entertainment purposes, yet have never had a problem(meaning something not flagged right away by a security app & that a subsequent scan did not remove.

Though, one type of place that is dastardly / overwhelming, is some sites that have text lyrics for songs--

Feel safer w/ Firefox too......

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I just use nLite on XP Home SP2, get rid of 460 MBs (currently) of M$ bloat and use Firefox and get 0 spywarer and therefore don't even have to bother with anti-spyware programs. Cheers.

Looks like I'll be recommending M$ Antispyware to others now. Adaware and Spybot really aren't that good, it seems...

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Yes, nlite's awesome... ½ GB of bloat-- how 'bout that?

Firefox still needs a smidgen or two work to be used at all sites.... and the toolbars still take too much space/can't be squeezed together as IE's-- of course, they do provide a slew of extra functionality in exchange.....

If adaware/spybot-- free to boot, are not that good, then most others are rotten caca in comparison..... :rolleyes: Actually, most AV is fairly useless, IMO....

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