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Overburning an Unattended CD

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Hello to all, still seeking for more space on your CD? Read on...

Using the latest version of Nero 6.6, there is two interesting options:"DAO CD overburning" and "short lead-out"

From my experience I can tell that the short lead-out feature seems to work perfectly, I've been using it for a while now.

For the overburning matter, I didn't get any issues BUT I often heard people saying it can corrupt data, won't work, limited support from optical driver, etc.

So I'd like to have your input on the subject. I guess overburning is out of the Orange book specifications...

For now, I've been burning two kind of oversized CD

Maxell CD-R 700MB/80min - Not working! (715MB Max with short leadout)

BIT VCD-R 850MB/99min - Able to burn 850MB


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I have done a lot of overburning with my plextor drives. The best site for info on cdr's that over burn is www.cdmediaworld.com or cdrinfo.com

MY plextor 8x4x32 can overburn 900 megs to those 99min discs. My 24x10x40 can do like 870mb. plextor is almost the best in overburning but others like the L.G.s have been getting better.

Sometimes you run into a corupt burn and the files are messed up. Just do a data verification on the disc to make sure.

Also some cd-roms can not read the overburned discs. This is mostly a problem when you make audio discs however.

Where did you get your 99min media? I have been unable to find those discs anywhere for a while.

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What do you mean by:
there are newer writers specifically made for 99 min writing

Well, there's newer CD-writer drives being sold, which are clearly marked as being able to write 99 minute CDs (850 MB). So I wanted to know if even the older cd-writers can write 850 MB.

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It seems odd to me to try and squeeze a extra few MB from a CD. Why not use Bootable DVD? The bootcode for XP CD works fine on DVD. I have made an 2 gig bootable install DVD for MediaCenter 2005. :rolleyes:


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Overburing is only available on newer burners, overburning burning a boot"cd" leads to a few probs,

You WILL NEED a drive that supports overburning to read the cd.

As for data corruption, i have personally never had that happen, i cannot guarantee it would not happen to anyone else...

I have a Pacific Digital 4X dual Format DVD burner.

Ive been in this unattended business for a while, since msfn first started it, and if you have a burner that supports the overburning give it go..


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You could OEM lock your boot cd with BIOS versions. I know this can be done, DELL and HP does this. It is not as difficult as one thinks it is. ;)

Yes, there is merrit into overburned CD's. Disadvantage is that not all CD drives will read those CD too well. :unsure:

If someone wanted to copy your CD. He/She just had to copy your $OEM$ folder and the winnt.sif.. All of those files have no hidden security... :(

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