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  1. Hi, I would like to understand how to use options such as "FileCopy" wihtin the command dropdown list from the config page. The provided documentation does not cover this. Does anyone have experience using it.
  2. DriverPack Drivers not fully installed.

    Upon Closer examination of my winnt.sif file i discovered a possible problem. There is a double "OemPnPDriversPath" entry. One that is empty: Ex. OemPnPDriversPath="" and one that is made by the DriverPack itself. I guess this could have canceld any attempts to detect the drivers during install. But I am not sure that this is entirely true...
  3. DriverPack Drivers not fully installed.

    Hi to all, As requested, the Hardware Info. Asus Intel Motherboard with Intel 915 chipset. Creative Audigy Z2 sound-card. Hauppauge WinTV PVR 500(mce). Asus EAX600Pro/TD VGA card. Samsung SP1614C, 160GB HD Pentium 4 3000+ DDR-RAM 1024GB mem. Plextor PX-716A DL DVD+/-rw MS CD's does not support most the above hardware. Basharat's DriverPack did support the IDE during text install. Further Driver support was possible after manually updating the drivers pointing to the custom DVD. I have included my winnt.sif file for viewing as well. I have made all the comments inside the winnt.sif myself. WINNT.SIF
  4. Hi all, The Problem: Windows XP completes install without errors. But not all drivers are installed. My approach: 1) I have succesfully integrated the DriverPack into my Media Center 2005 DVD. 2) I used no other tools other then the DriverPack. Did not even bother to install updates & hotfixes integrated. 3) I used a fully unattended winnt.sif that installed my media center 2005 pc. I discovered that the drivers for Video, mass storage and lan etc did not complete their install. When I manually updated the drivers, it discoverd them on my DVD and happily installed them without faults. The DriverPack did support my SATA controller during text setup for first install (floppyless installation) Which the normal MS CD's could not support. I concluded that my driverpack integration was successfull. I used Method 1 for my DriverPack integration. (without faults) My question: Why did the drivers for all the devices not install during setup detection? How to get it to recognize the drivers during install.
  5. Locking my UA DVD

    Hi, Well, if you want to secure a CD/DVD contents, i think that is almost out of the question. If you want to secure your winnt.sif file because of the activation key etc.. you cant directly. What then? Well you would have create an unattended install as usual, but run sysprep at the end. Create a GHOST image (or any equal product) of the HD. Copy this ghost image into a bootable ISO file. put the some old dos startup routines in their to boot the the image and instruct ghost to dump it to the HD (this can be with password prompts etc). Idealy you would have some batch/scripts to cleanup your hard work. The ghost image itself can be encrypted to a certain degree, making regular browsing dificult and hacking a waste of time.. Yes, you can make hidden folders on CD's etc. But that is easily browsed with ISO Magic etc.
  6. Skip "Press Any Key"

    Hi, The "Press any key to boot from cd" option will also disapear (or boot straight from CD) if you have no bootable/installed partitions... . That is the only circumstance that it would boot straight from CD. Gustaaf
  7. Overburning an Unattended CD

    You could OEM lock your boot cd with BIOS versions. I know this can be done, DELL and HP does this. It is not as difficult as one thinks it is. Yes, there is merrit into overburned CD's. Disadvantage is that not all CD drives will read those CD too well. If someone wanted to copy your CD. He/She just had to copy your $OEM$ folder and the winnt.sif.. All of those files have no hidden security...
  8. Overburning an Unattended CD

    Hi, It seems odd to me to try and squeeze a extra few MB from a CD. Why not use Bootable DVD? The bootcode for XP CD works fine on DVD. I have made an 2 gig bootable install DVD for MediaCenter 2005. Gustaaf
  9. I think this might help This is an example of a pre packaged executable for MediaPlayer 10. The first few arguments extract the installer inside the file. The "/C:" furhter runs the extracted executable in silent mode. This can be applied for MSI packages. mp10setup.exe /Q:A /R:N /c:"setup_wm.exe /Q /R:N /NoPID To edit MSI packages you would have to look at WISE Installer. They can re-package MSI contents etc. This forum did mention silent MSI installs. Look it up, there are a few tools for download
  10. HI, There is no difference in the winnt.sif for admin password when it comes to XP PRO, HOME. Both systems have local admin accounts. I too am not using quotes, and it works. Yes., MS is a bit mysterious with the unattend file format. Example: ProductKey="XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX" ProductID="XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX" ProductID works for me, But ProductKey is officially documentend everywhere, but does not work for me. ??? FYI, I use them both, without glitch. But I verified that ProductKey to be an issue for me. Maybe there is newer features in winnt.sif file format since SP2
  11. Okay, this works. THANX a LOT! The official MS documentation is confussing me a lot now. Does anyone have better independent documentation (PDF/Word)? Gustaaf
  12. Hi all, thanks for the response. I will recreate the winnt.sif file. Response to: ; OemFilesPath=".\i386\$OEM$" all lines beginning with " ; " are official comments and will be ignored by winnt.exe The $OEM$ folder is allowed to be on the root, next to I386 folder. For this you would have to use the OemFilesPath=.\$OEM$\ statement. Official MS documentation alwas states that the $OEM$ should reside by default below the .\i386 folder. - However, i will try this option too for testing and will gladly inform you (apraise you) if it does work. Thanx. B)
  13. Hi, I am having trouble with my XP SP2 EN-US unattend install image. In my Winnt.sif I have Placed OemPreinstall=Yes, but this still does not copy the contents from the CD to the users HD. In Win2K I noticed that this extra file copying happens at the end of the first stage of copying files... With (my) XP this does not happen. Here is a copy of my winnt.sif contents. Can anyone find fault? [Data] AutoPartition= 1 MsDosInitiated= 0 UnattendedInstall= "Yes" AutomaticUpdates = 1 [unattended] ; Choose UnattendMode, only 1 allowed. ; UnattendMode=ProvideDefault UnattendMode=FullUnattended OemSkipEula=Yes OemPreinstall=Yes TargetPath=\WINDOWS ; OemFilesPath=".\i386\$OEM$" OemPnPDriversPath="INST\PNP\kbd;INST\PNP\mdm;INST\PNP\mse;INST\PNP\nic;INST\PNP\other;INST\PNP\snd;INST\PNP\usb;INST\PNP\vga;" DriverSigningPolicy=Ignore Repartition=Yes ExtendOemPartition=1 FileSystem=ConvertNTFS NtUpgrade=NO Win9xUpgrade=NO CrashDumpSetting = 1 Hibernation = No UnattendSwitch = "Yes" WaitForReboot = "No" ; AutoActivate = Yes