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Best Stand Up Comedian?


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Anybody see any of Andy Griffith's one man shows or heard the recordings? If you saw the movie 'No Time For Sergeants' and thought it was funny, his one man show of the same title was absolutely hilarious. His dialogues on baseball and the opera, ahhhh, you'ld have to hear them. Where to listen to them? I would like to know.


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Both Tim Allen and Whoopee Goldberg do it for me.

love home improvement, watch it every morning

and whoopee is pretty good but ive only seen 1 hbo show so i cant rly tell

i dont know why so many ppl like him, hes okay, but i dont like comedy where you just make up stuff which is never true. he goes thru situations but i never find them funny b/c none of it is true at all

Pauly Shore, yeah he's funny too.  Biodome, lol.

havnt seen that movie for a good 5 years but its good :)

and its nice to see that another newb replied to a thread thats really old, but at least its mine :lol:

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