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winntbbu.dll help plzzzz

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ok suraj bhai.welcome to the board.

kaha se hai aap?

ok abt ur problem.u can delete that winntbbu.dl_ and can keep ur modified winntbbu.dll in i386.no problem it will work.i already tested and its working nice :rolleyes:

and abt making cab files.i suggest winace.install it and while using(imean when u want to pack some file) choose ms-cabinet compression.and rename it as u wish.imean for dll--dl_,exe--ex_,jpg--jp_.

thats it.

hope this will help u


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I also got one question about this. I used modifype -c on winntbbu.dll and after that I cabed it down into winntbbu.dl_. Then I replaced the original files in the i386 with these, replacing both winntbbu.dll and winntbbu.dl_. When the setup copies the winntbbu.dll I get the same error as suraj. Anyone know what I should do?

Edit: Nevermind, I somehow managed to solve it. I just used the -c first and afterwards cabed it down and this time it worked :blink: Anyway, thx


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Im sorry if this is a real dumb question and ive read several post and the guide but still ament 100% sure. The original logon file in my Xp sp2 cd is WINNTBBU.DLL and I downloaded a billboard screen off here which is called WINNTBBU.DL_ what should be my next step? I was under the understanding that WINNTBBU.DL_ is the completed file name and ready for use?

Fine then ignore me :whistle:

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WINNTBBU.DL_ is a compressed version of the file WINNTBBU.DLL.

If you want to modify it, you have to expand it using the command EXPAND.

It should be enough to have either the compressed or expanded version in your I386 folder for it to work.

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Maybe stupid question, but....

Do I have to modifype.exe winntbbu.dll -c before i made the changes or after the changes of the


Can't find it.

1- edit winntbbu.dll then save.

2- modifype it.

3- makecab it. (to save space on your CD)

Delete any of winntbbu.dll or winntbbu.dl_ from your XPCD before putting your new cabbed one there.

At the time of Windows Setup, if both files are there, Setup will use the uncabbed one and will ignore the cabbed one!

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THANKS, it's working now, but still have a small problem.

When I run the setup, only 4 lines, or sometimes 4 lines and a half, of text is shown in the main window.

Not the complete text. Do you have any ideas?

Anyway I made a big step forwards.

Thanks again

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Did you run a real setup, or just the setup.exe, or use WINNTBBU Editor?

I did a complete set up in VMware.

Also previewing it with Xpreview gave the same result.

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You, probably, used a bigger font! However, a screen shot would be of help.

First of all thank you for your patience.

I did not change anything except the background. Did not change the fonts etc.

Here is a screenshot:


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