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  1. Gonna try the solution Yurek3 proposed. Thanks !!
  2. As a newbie I succeeded in getting some regtweaks working through cmdlines.txt Have put the cmdlines.txt and the regtweaks.reg in the $OEM$ folder cmdlines.txt looks this: [COMMANDS] "REGEDIT /S regtweaks.reg" Now i want add some vbs files which i found on Kelly's Corner. My question is: can I add vbs files on the same way in the same cmdlines.txt or how can i do that is the most simple way?
  3. Some programs make in the program group a shortcut to their website, e.g. nlite does, but after integrating IE7, some programs have a wrong IE7 icon. When making the same XP cd without IE7, all the icons are correct. NE1 has a solution for this? Btw enabling/disabling SFC protection does not help
  4. First of all thank you for your patience. I did not change anything except the background. Did not change the fonts etc. Here is a screenshot:
  5. I did a complete set up in VMware. Also previewing it with Xpreview gave the same result.
  6. THANKS, it's working now, but still have a small problem. When I run the setup, only 4 lines, or sometimes 4 lines and a half, of text is shown in the main window. Not the complete text. Do you have any ideas? Anyway I made a big step forwards. Thanks again
  7. Maybe stupid question, but.... Do I have to modifype.exe winntbbu.dll -c before i made the changes or after the changes of the winntbbu.dll Can't find it.
  8. The best adblocker there is imho. T H A N K S
  9. Wondering if you could make a Dutch version of it. TIA

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