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but just in case anyone wants to know, snorting pixie stick and kool aid is not fun!!!



Happy new year. It's the year of the rooster. Woohoo I guess. Congrats to the earth for making it around the sun again without blowing up or something.

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Happy New Year to everyone!  I get to start the new year with a week of 75+ degree (that's Farenheit for all of you metric people out there) temperatures.  I love Florida.  :)

lol i get to star out at highs of 30 degrees farenheit! lol.

I hate idaho :angry:

and Happy New Year everyone

Just got back from Florida after visiting my parents. Chilled, occupied a lot of time doing not much. :D (not true. Stunned at events in the Indian Ocean)

@BiOhaZarD You're land locked, you grow potatoes and one corner of the state will eventually burp and wipe out a major portion of North America (Yellowstone), what else could you want? :D

And happy new year.

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