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this has been asked b4, but ill ask again :P

what about the option to have sub catagories under a selected item?





like, using the UID, if there are 2 of the same, they are both under the catagory of the 1 that is detected first? or 1 with higher priority or something?


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Please do not post such a question in this thread. open another one. I'll read it - for sure.

Answer to your question:

the hexadecimal value of decimal 4294967295 is FFFFFFFF and vice versa. You don't need to change a thing.

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Request 1:Instead of having to put 2 install options in WPI to run the prepare.cmd and the cleanup.cmd can there be a option in the main program either to run these cmd files before and after anything goes on, or even make it so we can write the command lines directly into the config somewhere

Request 2: as there is already i thread i though it should at leats keep talking in the correct place but anyway it would nice to have a choice of skins which would be like the ones we have now and the real eye candy better looking ones people want

Request 3:This one works with the above one which is that there be a option to import skins other people have made

Request 4:A way to just upgrade your WPI to the latest some how with out losing all your modificatioms

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@ jamesas

these revisions are coming so fast, that converting to your standard

is part of the fun......how fast can I convert new version to my settings?

And make sure to rename each to it's proper version number or you'll

end up really confused..........copy and paste is your friend..........

Oh yes, my request is just that, could you tag the versions.....wpi323.zip

or something like that hasi???


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Request 4:A way to just upgrade your WPI to the latest some how with out losing all your modificatioms

i may be missing something here, but the basic idea is:

config.js: Copy & Paste your programs where it tells you to in there.

useroptions.js: make sure the settings are the same in your old wpi and new wpi. probably just switching a few 'yes'/'no' or 'true'/'false'

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a06lp. You are right. But the request quoted seems to originate from a user who has customized 'his' wpi and now doesn't want to spend more time on customizing the new (more functionality) version again and so he's pleading me to spend more time on modifications for him to save time in customizing. :}

As I begin to customize WPI for my own needs, there will be some modifications to ease customization. But I'm sure these mods won't ever be enough for some users.

At least there WILL be some sort of 'skinnig' or 'themeing' ... in the near future..

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I feel like I'm constantly saying this lately. It's REALLY not so hard to edit the useroptions.js and config.js it's actually VERY simpler. I had a harder time learning the actual RunOnceEx commands than I did learning WPI.

Part of the process of making these unattended cd's is to LEARN something, not to have everything spoonfed... jeez, TRY a little, people.

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This is a variation of my earlier request to have wpi scan for programs and if they do not exist to grey them out or hide them, making it much easier to use one config package of wpi for many different things like an unattended CD, and unattended DVD, a pen usb flash drive etc. This way the same package minus the actual install files will work everywhere, any apps that are missing are simply greyed out.

I say this is a variation request because that previous request seems a little crazy to implement since most of the time wpi will not see any of the apps until you burn the cd since I use %cdrom% etc it wont find them for testing.

Sooo, my variation is this. How about you add another check box right next to default and forced called hidden? And then all we do is click config and add the checks for the apps we dont want to appear on our list? Seems easy enough and this way we wont have to delete the code, but instead just put a check for the items that might not fit or might be appropriate for that media.

Another idea would be to put at the top of the config list before it starts all of the individual apps a simple box that only shows the title of the apps so that we could quickly put checks or uncheck the apps we want displayed, preventing us from having to scroll down through each app to find the hidden check box. Sorta of like an index at the top making it so fast and easy to hide unhide.

This would also move us closer to standard application archives where people could download a large application archive with all the code and then just put the binaries they own in the right folder and put checks in just those apps.

And this has been said before but would like to second that; the ability to have column breaks, and if one category goes to a second colum to have the application start at the same level as the previous column first application and not to start at the same level as a category title.


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Hi Dennis.

I think one of the things you wish for is already in there, but no one knows it. It's the cond property you could use. Hard to achieve, but possible. a little How-TO:

You can use all of WPI's defined functions and objects in the cond statement.

So imaging you define two office progs PA and PB, but when you burn your CD/DVD you decide which one of the two you put on it - let's say PA. So PB is defined, but not burned to the DVD.

PA usually sits in %CDROM%\Install\PA\setupPA.exe

PB usually sits in %CDROM%\Install\PB\setupPB.exe

you could use the cond property in the following way:

cond[pn]=['FileExists("%CDROM%\Install\PA\setupPA.exe")'] ... for PA

cond[pn]=['FileExists("%CDROM%\Install\PB\setupPB.exe")'] ... for PB

since this condition is evaluated on generation the checkboxes, WPI would not find setupPB.exe on your disc and therefore not create a checkbox.

I know the syntax is hard to understand, but that's how javascript conditions are written.

To ckeck for operation system one could use

cond[pn]=['getOSver()=="XP"') .. the include on XP


cond[pn]=['getOSver()!="NT"') .. the exclude only on NT

getOSver returns the following strings: XP, 2K, NT, ME, 98, 95 or "Not found"

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