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Black for me (tower, cd/dvd readers at least...)

cinema or tv video?

ps: @Shotgun, i didn't brake the rules, there are 2 choices:

1: gecko browser / firewall / AV

2: common sense

there is no commas to difference between them so all of the 3 are the same choice. i wanted to mean if the best protection for you are programs or your common sense.

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wide screen or normal (flatpanel display)

@simonsays: Check post #180... you jumped on me and I did not break the rules either that time! I did not use commas and gave TWO options... holiday OR season. Nice, bend the rules and not being called upon for doing so ahh? :P

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head nod :yes:

built-in sound card or audigy's?

@Shotgun, i think you didn't understand me. i pointed to select from 2 options and you pointed a lot of options and select 1 of them

Christmas / Valentine's / Mother's / Father's / Summer / Halloween / Thanksgiving

(for favorite holiday or season of the year) Mine's summer

i didn't break the rules, btw, i won't discuss it further ;)
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