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  1. guess I've got 'bout 10-15 user names and passwords. I don't use a manager other than my head. Hope I don't loose them all at the same time, together with the container...
  2. I must say that the BT customer service has a looooooong way to go in this case...
  3. paid's allways better! bought or copy...
  4. OMFG! This is huge! you gotta love the elch (german for moose)!
  5. oldie. Xbox Nokia or Sony Ericsson?
  6. truble finding activities to fill up cour callendar? Here's a tric:
  7. Gonzales. tin cup or king pin?
  8. @ home. blue movie or action?
  9. LimeWire is the best I've tried. BTW, bittorrent is for g e e k s
  10. I'm sorry, but can't make it this year... better luck next season.
  11. I like clean shaven (that goes for women as well...) Open or closed?
  12. I suckered it. it used 28 q's to figure out LCD monitor
  13. My first name is 50/50, but my family name is 99% good. Is heritage more important than recent happenings (such as a given name)...? By the way the word garden is 99% evil, but Eden's garden is 99% good. Does this prove the Old Testament as true???
  14. Normal. (all sports look crappy in wide screen...) handshake or head nod ?
  15. beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer. ahmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Qoute from Homer's quite limited vocabulary
  16. What's the deal with Futuremark? I just don't get it. Download an application and check how vast your computer is?
  17. and the winner is SOCCER, allthoug the latter alternative could be interesting as well... B)
  18. mayo (jelly are for kids...) wake up at 5:45AM or 9 o'clock?
  19. I agree. those pssssssssyko eyes... just waiting for the mask to drop and a monster to appear..
  20. heheheheheheheheh. In Norwegian this is KNEGGESTOFF, meaning neigh material (like a horse that is)

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