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nvidia forceware 66.93 in an archive (reduce size)


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Would I be able to remove those files in my Nforce install as well (setup,data files)? The only reason I wonder is because I use MSI Nforce package which is similar to Nvidias, but it has a special Realtek audio codec for my motherboard. I am unsure what I need to keep in the realtek folder. I attached a screen of what is inside. I know the rest of the package is the same, so those should allow the same file removal as the forceware. Thanks for the help!

P.S. I am using WinXP Pro


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Would I be able to remove those files in my Nforce install as well (setup,data files)?
Yes, its the same story even with nForce drivers - it gets done direct from INF in the folders. You can delete the setup.

And more - delete the MSI's custom package and all that. About the "special realtek codec" - dump the MSI package. Just stick with only using the nForce updated drivers - the latest nForce drivers downloaded from nVidia.com (currently, latest is v5.10).

I have an MSI MoBo too, and I know what codec you're referring to - its not needed, the downloaded nForce drivers will have an updated version of it!

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Well, see thats my one issue. I have used the Nvidia drivers exclusively in the past for my NForce2 board. I remember I did not have any audio problems with the manufacturers drivers, but as soon as I installed Nvidia's I had problems (crackling, skipping). However, something really borked my system because after reverting my system back, I had those problems again.

In general, I have had more driver issues with Nvidia than any other company. It seems to me that their drivers are not the most stable upon first release. Its only after a few weeks that the community (Nforcershq.com forums) seems to fix the new issues Nvidia introduced. And I am one of those guys that goes and gets each new driver as soon as it comes out. So I had alot of issues that really were unnecessary.

Don't get me wrong, I am not bashing Nvidia by any means. They are IMHO the best motherboard maker for NF3 boards. I would not have that any other way. I just prefer right now to keep my new system running smooth. I am, however, still extremely satisfied with the ATI drivers. Each new revision is better than the previous, and I haven't had any issues whatsoever. Different hardware, but just a comparison.


Thanks for the tip though prathapml, I will shrink my drivers and save some precious meg on the CD.

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No no.....

Windows setup will look in the folders specified in "OEMpnpDriversPath=" method.

When it looks, it looks for INFs. If the relevant hardware is detected, it will use that INF. And the files (atleast nvidia files) are used/installed properly without needing to bother about separately calling a setup application.

Now what is calling the other 28 files?

Dunno... but the other 28 files are needed too. If you find out, please let us know - I did not find out that, simply because I did not think it necessary to know! :wacko:

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Several things:

Nforce 5.10, the AudioUtil (think its called, cant tell as I am currently at college) folder has an exe in it I believe, but winrar cant seem to open it? How do I get the files from out of that exe?

Also I tried this on 66.93, worked a treat, but when I tried the 70.02's it told me that one of the nvidea graphics .dll got stuck in an infinite loop

Now the reason for this could be that aswell as updating my cd to 70.02's I added the registry coolbits tweak, maybe that effected it?

Or does the .cmd code you pasted here not work for those drivers? It looked as if it did the trick on them when I ran it, but I cant think of anything else.

Is thier any know problems with the coolbits regtweak and integrating graphics drivers that you know off?

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I haven't heard of the 70.xx series of drivers! Even if it does exist, its probably in beta form, and *WILL* cause problems.

The cool-bits regtweak is okay. It is certainly not the cause of problems.

I integrate the 66.93 drivers, and apply the cool-bits tweak - all works fine here.

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Yup those are betas, there are 67.20's though, which are listed as WHQL on www.guru3d.com.

Thanks for the info though! Will stick with 66.93 because like the .81's I have actually found them to be a good mixture of performance and reliability :)

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Don't you think this method is the same as this one  (which was written 2 monthes ago) ?  ;)


Its not the same.

The purpose in this thread is different. The 66.93 drivers come "CAB"bed up - and by that, I mean, nVidia has "makecab"ed each file. So when you aggregate all your drivers, the total file-size ends up higher due to the over-head of double-compression. The purpose here is to have all files in their pure, extracted form. (and also delete a few useless files along the way).

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Well... if you think so, read my explanation again carefully, including step 2 :

What it does :

1- Check for suffix files so it does not process shrinking if suffix does not exist.

2- Expand packed files (if you pack the files later for your unattended cd, you'll have better results if files are unpacked before)


And check the batch file I link to (nvShrink.cmd)

Here is the code, for everybody's convenience :

@echo off
REM nvShrink : Nvidia driver shrinker for unattended installation
REM Usage : "nvShrink xx" xx=suffix for language files to keep
REM         if no argument is supplied, suffix=eng
REM         ie: "nvShrink fr" will keep french language files
REM version 1.0 by Keul for www.msfn.org

REM Language Suffix Checking
REM ------------------------
set SUFFIX=%1
if "%1" == "" set SUFFIX=eng

if not exist nvrs%SUFFIX%.dl_ goto checkUnpacked
if not exist nvwrs%SUFFIX%.dl_ goto checkUnpacked
if not exist nvcp%SUFFIX%.hl_ goto checkUnpacked
if not exist nvwcp%SUFFIX%.hl_ goto checkUnpacked
goto begin

if not exist nvrs%SUFFIX%.dll goto suffixError
if not exist nvwrs%SUFFIX%.dll goto suffixError
if not exist nvcp%SUFFIX%.hlp goto suffixError
if not exist nvwcp%SUFFIX%.hlp goto suffixError

REM Expanding files
REM ---------------
if exist *.??_ expand -r *.??_
if exist *.cf ren *.cf *.cfg
if exist *.cp ren *.cp *.cpl
if exist *.dl ren *.dl *.dll
if exist *.ex ren *.ex *.exe
if exist *.hl ren *.hl *.hlp
if exist *.sy ren *.sy *.sys
if exist *.tv ren *.tv *.tvp
if exist *.xm ren *.xm *.xml
if exist *.??_ del /Q *.??_

REM Removing setup files
REM --------------------
set FILELIST=(data1.cab data1.hdr data2.cab engine32.cab ikernel.exe layout.bin setup.bmp Setup.exe Setup.ini setup.inx setup.iss Setup16.bmp setup.skin setup.ibt)
FOR %%I IN %FILELIST% do if exist %%I del %%I

REM Removing language files
REM -----------------------
ren nvrs%SUFFIX%.dll  nvrs%SUFFIX%._dl
ren nvwrs%SUFFIX%.dll nvwrs%SUFFIX%._dl
ren nvcp%SUFFIX%.hlp  nvcp%SUFFIX%._hl
ren nvwcp%SUFFIX%.hlp nvwcp%SUFFIX%._hl
ren nvcpl.dll nvcpl._dl
ren nvcpl.hlp nvcpl._hl
ren nvwcplen.hlp nvwcplen._hl
if exist nvrs*.dll  del /Q nvrs*.dll
if exist nvwrs*.dll del /Q nvwrs*.dll
if exist nvcp*.hlp  del /Q nvcp*.hlp
if exist nvwcp*.hlp del /Q nvwcp*.hlp
ren *._dl *.dll
ren *._hl *.hlp

REM We're done
REM ----------
echo Done.
goto Exit

echo Error : Some language files with suffix "%suffix%" were not found. Shrink aborted.


So, do you really think the purpose is different ? :whistle:

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I have followed the method described above by prathapml and the result was 45MB and 152 archives. this is because i have downloaded the internatinal file.

my question, i jmust put the all files 152 archives in the folder $OEM$\$1\Drivers\002_NVIDIA, and point it in winnt.sif?

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Confirming major's findings: 66.93 Int. leaves 153 files (as opposed to 152, but still way more than 42 <_< ) for a total of 44,9 megs. Prathapml's script runs fine, no errors. I'm assuming this is normal for the international drivers?

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  • 1 month later...

as an update for the newer drivers:

Windows XP/2000
Version: 71.89
Release Date: April 14, 2005
WHQL Certified
U.S. English
File Size: 19.4 MB

everything is the same except there are 2 new files that you should have and those are:

NvColor.ex_ (NvColor.exe)

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